You’ve found a new, better apartment. It’s time to pack up your bags and boxes and open a new chapter of your life. Your new apartment is all ready, and all your things are packed. There’s one more thing you shouldn’t forget: move out cleaning.

A lot of landlords won’t give you the security deposit back if you leave the home in a mess. And since there’s money involved, it has to be perfect. You have two options: clean the apartment top to bottom yourself, or hire a professional cleaning service like Barrie Modern Cleaners to do it for you.

As you are already paying the moving company as well as the new security deposit, you need all the money you can get. It might be tempting to clean yourself and save some cash, but cleaning amidst a move can be particularly tough.

However, if you choose to do it on your own, professional cleaners our trusted Barrie maid services have a few tips on the areas you might forget about.


The first areas any landlord will look at first are the windows and the areas around them. That is why you have to be thorough during your move out cleaning. Make sure to clean both the glass and the area around the windows, like the top of the frames.

You can use a wet rag to clean the area between the glass and the screen. Have a bucket of soapy water around to clean the rag, as there will be a lot of dirt and dust around.

Use your favorite glass cleaning product to clean the glass and work your way around the frame, from the top to the bottom. Clean the window with the rag, and don’t forget the sill undersides.

Empty Areas

Did you ever wonder why move out cleaning services are slightly more expensive than regular cleaning? The answer is simple: the empty areas leave much more surface to cover. That is why move out cleaning is so challenging. All the areas once occupied by furniture are now empty and usually very dirty from years of neglect.

The persistent dirt and grime buildup can be particularly challenging to clean and demands extra attention and stronger cleaning products. You might need a professional vacuum to get the layers of dirt out of the base of the flooring. You’ll also need to mop any hardwood floors thoroughly using a soap and water solution.

Floors and Baseboards

Since we already mentioned flooring, we should stay there for a while longer. If you want to make sure your apartment is thoroughly cleaned you need to make sure every corner is neat. The ones you should pay special attention to are the ones that were underneath furniture or tables. This is where the most dirt buildup is likely to be found. While you’re there, make sure to sweep the dirt off of the baseboards.

Don’t forget to look up as well. You might need a telescopic duster to reach all the crown moldings and the uppermost corners of the house, where dust and spider webs are left unchecked.

Air Vents

Last but not least, if your former apartment uses an HVAC system, you need to make sure you clean the vents throughout the apartment.

You need to be extra careful when cleaning these. Make sure to turn the AC off before you start cleaning. Work from the vent caps and down the ducts.