Thanksgiving has come and gone for the year. Hopefully, you had a great time and saw your family and friends.

However, after the party is over, the host is left with a huge amount of mess which needs to be cleaned, and soon, because the festive season is far from over.

Cleaning professionals at C & C Cleaning & Maid Services have decided to share some of their tips for quick and easy cleanup after a big dinner party, such as Thanksgiving.

The tips they gave us are ideal for Thanksgiving, but, just in case, keep them handy because Christmas is coming up.

Soak All of Your Dishes

The food served for Thanksgiving (and other holidays in this cold season) tends to be on the strong side, with plenty of roasted meat and heavy desserts. That leaves your plates and other dishes fairly greasy and difficult to clean outright.

Instead, try soaking them in a big container for a bit before washing them, or loading them into the dishwasher. So, not only will you not create a huge pile in your sink, but you will also make your job a lot easier when you actually get to cleaning them.

The Living Room

Big group gatherings (family or friends) are almost never all about food even if it is an important part of the event. In most cases, you will have people sitting around in the living room, talking, drinking and possibly eating snacks.

After the party is over, though, you are left with quite a mess. You may find snacks all over the floor and furniture, the tables and similar surfaces might be full of dirty glasses and napkins. Even worse, if somebody didn’t use a coaster for their glass, or if they spilled something, you may have a sticky and hard to clean the mess on your hands.

Fortunately, there is a way around the nasty glass rings on wooden surfaces. The first thing you can try is baking soda. One spoon of baking soda mixed with one spoon of water should make a paste which dissolves those unsightly rings.

Divide the Tasks

Here is the thing – any task is much simpler and easier when it is shared. If you are in charge of cleaning up, delegate some tasks to your family members or friends who stuck around after the party.

The garbage duty is probably the most hated one, but here is a little tip – it can be done really quickly if you’re organized. Grab a big garbage bag and go from one part of the room to the next just throwing things in. Once you’re done, just take it out and you’re free.

If there were any spills on the hardwood floor or the kitchen tiles, a mop should be an easy and quick way to fix the problem. If, however, the stain is no the carpet or upholstered furniture, you may have a bigger problem, as skilled professional home cleaners say.

These kinds of stains need to be blotted out using a lot of water, some dish soap and clean cotton cloths. Soak the stain, blot it from outside in until dry and repeat the process until the stain is gone.

Do the Laundry As Soon As Possible

Chances are that you have used your fancy tablecloth and maybe even cloth napkins for this special occasion.

However, just as I’m sure you went all out, I’m sure that at least one person spilled some food or drink on the said tablecloth. If you want to keep it nice and new, you may need to act fairly quickly after dinner – get it into the washing machine as soon as the dinner is done and the table is cleared away.

Festive dinners can be great, but they are also a lot of work for the host, both before and after dinner. However, with a bit of organization and tenacity, you can get your house in order quickly.