It is really not possible to predict whether or not the housing society you choose to call your home, will ensure peace and harmony in your family?  Or, maybe it is possible. Surprised???

Survey says over 90% of buyers prefer Vastu-compliant residential flats in Kolkata and elsewhere. But the question is why???

Before finding answers to the above question, it is important to understand what do we mean by Vastu-compliant homes?

What is Vastu?

Vastu is an ancient Indian science of architecture that defines peaceful and harmonious living by negating the negative energies and enhancing the positive ones. Going deeper into the subject will take a lot of time. Instead, let’s understand the significance of searching for residential flats in Kolkata.

According to the property portal survey,, “Four out of every five prospective home buyers would like to know the vastu (ancient science of architecture as per Hindu tradition) of the property, even before physically checking the property”,

The same survey also states that nearly 33% of the buyers looking for flats in Rajarhat, give value to the ‘right directions’ of the house they are planning to buy.

Vastu is that important for a house!

Does non-compliant Vastu affect the residents

Vastu balances the positive and negative energy in your house – we all know that! Believe it or not, poor Vastu-compliant houses will help negative energy to rule large in your place which you care to call your home. Negative energy will symbolize un-timely death, violence, loss of money, physical illness, and other negative aspects such as disrupting the peace and harmony of your life.

When you are searching for residential flats in Kolkata, confirm whether or not the apartments are Vastu-compliant before you make the down payment for the place.

If you are too late to find out the reality of your new place, look out for ways to address the problem. The following are a few Vastu changes for your residential flat in Kolkata for a happy home.

5 Examples of fixing Vastu at your place

Vaastu is a science or shastra of arranging 5 elements – earth, water, fire, air and sky. The fundamental principle of vaastu shastra is to bring peace and harmony in a man’s life. Vaastu really affects your life and will bring lots of peace if you build your house as per their principle.

If you are planning to buy a ready-to-move-in flat, you can balance the equilibrium of your house by doing few changes. There are many changes which can be done inside your house but few have been explained below –

  1. Suppose the house you have bought has a naked wall at the entrance. Naked presents loneliness. Viewing a naked wall is better than a wall with some hangings or a photo frame. A picture of Lord Ganesha can be a good idea to hang on the wall at the entrance.
  2. It is not always possible for the builders to make a bore at the right direction. There may not be enough space for the boring or many other reasons might be there. You cannot change the direction of the bore right. So it is better inside your house place a picture of Panchmukhi Hanuman facing south-west to the boring
  3. Every residential flat in Kolkata or in other cities have a puja room. We pray to God for the well being of our family. As per vasstu it is believed that the best direction for meditation is to face in the north-east direction
  4. Most of the housewives spend their time in kitchen. This place is an important part in every person’s life. If the design of your kitchen is not as per vaastu, make sure that there is a gap between sink and the place where you have kept your gas oven.
  5. Bedroom is also an important room in your house. It must be in the south-west direction as this direction controls the relationships of the member of the house. Any negative energy emitting from south-west direction could lead to loss of money, domestic problems, and so on.

Benefits of Vaastu

Buying a new home means starting off life afresh. Every man’s life is governed by many factors like- his fate, karma, vastu etc. If the vastu is poor and the fate is good, results obtained can be mediocre. Therefore, people now prefer those flats which are built with vaastu principles so that his fate changes for betterment.

Owing a house is a lifetime experience for most of us. A buyer will show interest to buy a flat after his expectations are met. About 90% buyers spend huge amount of money to invest in vastu-compliant projects.

Newly constructed residential flats in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, and other metro cities are constructing flats following vastu principles because people are more interested in these flats compared to the one offering lavish amenities.