Whether you are looking for a simple room refresh or an easy home makeover, you can easily watch out for the tips on the internet. We would suggest you check out the furniture trends for 2019 to give your home a new look. As the internet is flooded with top furniture trends, you need not worry about the ideas at all.

When it comes to designing a perfect home, it is important to decide what exactly you want and what you would like to focus on. For that, certainly, you can consult the professional designers who will guide you accordingly. Here we have come up with some interesting ideas for your easy reference.

Get Jewel Tones

It is said that lush jewel tones suggest opulence and elegance. In order to add a royal feel to the entire room, you can try this out. Such tones are believed to be the best way to flaunt a perfect luxury room. When it comes to furniture trends, classic jewel tones can be a good pick. They are safe and can be styled the way you would like it to be. The best thing about such tones is its permanence and endurance. Whatever you do make sure the jewel tone mix well with other accessories of your room, thus, creating an overall relaxed and chicly layered look.

Go For Velvet Upholstery

Velvet has always been a favourite choice for most homeowners, though the craze slowly took a back seat with time. However, homeowners will get to enjoy the sumptuous and silky feel this New Year as well. Velvet upholstery is believed to create an elevated impact in the entire room, thus, giving it an extravagant feel all over.

Now, to give this trend a different level, try combining both velvet and jewel tones together to make a perfect seating arrangement. The key is to look for furniture that boasts contemporary silhouettes, thus, keeping the entire look of the room fresh yet not too retro and vintage-inspired.

Choose Matte Finishes

How about matte finish furniture for this year? When we talk about matte furniture, the thing that comes in our mind is none other than black & white. However, the latest furniture trend is expected to be seen in forest green, inky blue and deep grey, which would be a refreshing take on the matte finished furnishing. So, this time get rid of the white & black or black & white combination and make an impact with the above-mentioned colours.

Go For Sustainable Furniture Materials

If you are in love with natural and rustic styles then we would suggest you go for the natural furniture materials. Pick up the pieces keeping in mind the green environment. Look for sustainably grown wood, bamboo and rattan or any recycled materials that are eco-friendly and comes with a stylish finish.

Choose Gently Curved Furniture

How about a shapely silhouette for your sleeping and seating? We would suggest you go for curved furniture as they offer much comfort than any other furniture style. Not just the comfort quotient but its retro flair makes it stand out from the rest.

Hope, all these above-mentioned points were helpful to you and now you would implement the same in your house as well just like one of our readers did for her residential project in Jajpur.