Bringing up a child can get quite expensive and it all begins during pregnancy itself. Pre-natal health care expenses can get quite taxing for young couples considering the sky-rocketing medical costs. A health care insurance can help in several ways in your life and can be put to good use especially during times like these. From the moment of conception, through prenatal care and through delivery and after, medical expenses are always a concern. The entire pregnancy care until post-natal care can be quite tasking on your financially, if you do not happen to have a sufficient health insurance cover.

It is extremely important for a young couple to consider good health insurance cover options that are available to them, in order to not feel the financial burden on their shoulders. Health insurance options also provide maternity covers that might be of great use to you. Here are some questions you need to ask and analyse before considering a health insurance cover when pregnant:

  • Is pre-natal care covered under your policy? Or do you have to purchase a separate cover for that?
  • Does my primary care doctor need to give a referral if I need to see a specialist/OBGYN?
  • Is my insurance or cover inclusive of labour/delivery costs?
  • Are there any co-pays, co-insurance or deductible amounts under my maternity cover?
  • Are pre-natal tests such as ultrasounds, amniocentesis, genetic tests also covered under the policy?
  • How much of hospitalization stay covered after my delivery period?
  • Is a pre-authorization required to reap the benefits of prenatal care?
  • What are the hospitals and doctors that are within the network hospitals of my policy? Are these the ones that are of my preference?
  • Are only shared rooms covered, or can I get a private room under the policy?
  • Are non-traditional deliveries such as midwife, homebirth, etc. also covered?
  • How long before my delivery period do I need to have before I can claim my insurance?

The above mentioned questions will help you pave way for whether or not your health insurance plan is a good one and will support you during this tenuous period of life. However, there are certain other criteria that you might also want to take into account before making your decision. There are several health insurance plans for family being made available in the market, and if you plan on having a child anytime soon, a pregnancy cover can big your biggest support.

However, it is important to keep in mind that there is a waiting period for every kind of insurance. A waiting period refers to the time period before you are eligible to make your insurance claim. While some companies offer shorter waiting period, there are some that have longer ones. In most cases, getting a pregnancy insurance after getting pregnant is considered a pre-existing illness and can cause a rejection of your claim. It is thus, advisable to read through and be aware of all the clause of your insurance policy before making you choice.