One thing is very common about all the YouTubers, influencers and even 13-year old teenagers is the feeling that they are the only one in the world who can’t do makeup like a pro. But in reality, this is not true and is just a misconnection. Anyone and everyone can be good at doing his/her own beat following certain makeup hacks along with little guidance. This post has got some useful and pro tips that aim to make your makeup extremely easier.

Let’s begin!

  1. Use White Eyeliner so that the Eyeshadow Pop

In order to make the eyeshadow appear more vibrant on the eyelid, make sure to amalgam a white eyeliner pencil over the eyelid, and this is done first. Post that put the eyeshadow on the top. The dense coverage because of the white liner will only intensify the eyeshadow shade and make it superficial.

  1. Melt the Pencil to Help It Glide Better

It is true that creamy products show better blending properties when they are warmed up. So, if you need to get more than one coat of eyeliner to get a decent colour payoff, make sure to melt it before applying it to the lining.

Hold the tip of the eyeliner beneath the flame of a candle till it gets tacky. Let it cool down and then apply it to the eyes. Also, don’t forget to watch out for the consistency change right before the eyes. If you are least interested in putting up so much of efforts, you can go for eyebrow tattoo in the Gold Coast or from other preferred location. This will help you to get ready-to-go eyebrows and will make you makeup ready.

  1. Hold a Spoon to Use

Nothing gets more irritating than making several attempts to make your eyeshadow look perfect. It gets even more difficult when you need to swipe on mascara ad ruining the whole thing with smudges. Make sure to hold a spoon so that it hugs the eyelid and go for applying the mascara slowly. The moment you stroke the mascara pointer against the lashes and back of the house, the deposit will coat the back of the utensil rather than the skin.

  1. Plump the Eyelashes with Radiant Dust

Get some radiant setting powder or dust on the lashes in between coats of the mascara to make your lashes plump. The dust helps to grip the mascara and give you fuller and voluminous lashes.

  1. Conceal Under Eyes with a Triangle Shape

If you are interested in enhancing the area under the area, don’t only rely on the concealer and try to apply it in a triangle shape. Make sure to draw a triangle right under the eyelash line, and the tip should be pointing near the apple of the cheek. This will help you to conceal redness and all the shadows to create an illusion of having brighter eyes.