For any woman, bracelets are jewelry pieces used to add class and finesse to their style. Wrist jewelry plays an important role in communicating your style and your level of confidence, and most people pay attention to hand gestures. If you are looking for a special gift, bracelets make excellent options for any occasion.

When it comes to bracelet styles for women, there is no definitive list as designers are always coming up with new designs, trends, and styles for bracelet pieces. However, some bracelet designs are forever popular in the ever-changing accessory fashion market.

Whether you are in the market for a special occasion gold bracelet for women or you need a simple beaded bracelet to add to your casual ensemble, here is a comprehensive guide to women bracelets.  

The three rules to wearing bracelets for women

It should not clash – if you are thinking of complimenting a bracelet with another ornament, you should ensure it matches the bracelet. Matching a bracelet with earrings or a neckpiece is a common way of topping off an outfit. The rule of thumb is that the matching ornaments should be made from the same material.

It should fit – While most types of bracelets can be resized, you can save time by choosing one that perfectly fits your wrist. When worn too tight, a bracelet can be uncomfortable, while too loose can be difficult to keep on the wrist.

Accessorizing with watches – generally, it is hard to see someone wearing a bracelet and a watch at the same time. This reduces the chance of the wrist looking too bulky and overdone. Even so, you can still wear a bracelet and a watch and look magnificent. As a rule of thumb, always wear the watch on the less dominant hand and the bracelet on your dominant hand. Avoid wearing both on the same hand. This prevents the watch and bracelet from rubbing on each other, which can cause scratches.

Types of bracelets for women

Charm bracelets 

These types of bracelets have made a comeback in recent years. The charm design allows you to add new charms on your bracelet as a way of personalizing it. Charm bracelets are perfect for people who mark special occasions with charms or use charms to reflect their style. You can give the bracelet a more textured look by adding charms made from different materials. When wearing a charm bracelet, it should be the focus of the outfit.

Beaded bracelets 

These are made from any material, including the traditional pearl. When worn well, a beaded bracelet gives you a feminine appearance and adds texture to an outfit. You can complement a beaded bracelet with beaded neckpieces, or wear additional bracelets to create a layered look. Whether dressed up or down, beaded bracelets give you a look that is always in style.

Statement bracelets 

This type of bracelet is in a category of its own. It is generally a statement high fashion piece created as a seasonal collection spotlight jewelry piece. When wearing this bracelet, you need to keep your outfit simple for this jewelry piece to make a fashion statement as it is meant to.

The bangle

Bangles are the most versatile designs for women bracelets. Plain metal bangles made from luxury material like gold, silver, or rose gold are always trending. Any of these three bangle types can be worn separately or at the same time. When stacked together, they can give any outfit a glossy finish. They can be crafted into more intricate designs made from different materials for the same band. Whichever way you prefer your bangles, ensure you always keep it simple to make a fashion statement.

Cuff design bracelets 

Cuff bracelets an ideal if you are looking to add edginess to a look. These types of bracelets can be made from leather or metal to make a statement with little effort. They are perfect when styled with a casual look like jeans and t-shirt combo.

By following this guide, you will have a much easier time choosing the perfect bracelet regardless of your outfit.