The country and the town in which we live has a great impact on our behavior. The people at a place and the kind of mindset they carry to live life make an effect on our lives too. That is why one must opt a place where people stay much happier and satisfied with what they have. It will make the life of a person calm, relaxing, and enjoying. The money behind which we run is getting happiness and a higher level of comfort. But one must understand that they are rather making their life complicated! Therefore, the following are the top countries with happiest people and the environment:

  1. Canada:

This country has a small population where there are a lot of beautiful places and developed towns to visit. Apart from it, this place also has good and cool weather which calms down the mind when you simply go for a walk and makes you feel good. It also has some of the best universities and career opportunities in almost every field. As a result, there are a lot of students moving to this place for their higher education and to live a better life!

  1. Australia:

Here comes the country of beaches! This country is blesses with a number of beaches where people visit to relax. Although people work a lot over here, they don’t feel tired and exhausted as most of the companies over here organizes events and parties in which the major one involves EOFY party. This is the reason why people over here are much happier.

  1. Switzerland:

One need not talk about happiness and life over here as this is the best vacation and honeymoon destination! Along with beautiful high rise buildings, the country has well-developed places to visit which are the best of its kind. It also carries beautiful natural places that increase the life expectancy of the people living there and also leaves a good impact on the tourists. Thus, if not to recite, then one must visit Switzerland for a tour during the holidays.

  1. Netherlands:

The pace of life at this place makes people living here happy! Again, this country has a number of recreational places to visit. Moreover, it provides a good scope for getting well-paid jobs and is also a good place for a startup since this country has a growing market and hence it welcomes new ideas.

  1. Iceland:

With amazing weather all year round, Iceland has a small population which will keep you away from all the negatives of the crowded place. Literacy rate over here is very high and it is also believed that one out on ten people living in this country have written and published a book! Thus, it becomes a good center for education. Apart from education, the landscape of this place is excellent too. The taxes here are low and there is cheap and even free medication to the citizens which urge you to move to this beautiful country!