A cake is the highlight of any celebration. Occasions like weddings, birthdays, Christmas, and personal celebrations are incomplete without a delicious cake. Kids especially wait for their birthdays and they are very excited about their birthday cake. Today there are many bakeries that specialize in cakes and offer doorstep cakes delivery UK. There is a variety of cakes that are available in the market today so it is better to know your options before you go cake shopping for your loved ones.

The basic cake batter is a mix of flour, eggs, sugar, butter which is properly whipped and placed in the oven. Nowadays you will find various other ingredients or deviations from the traditional recipe. Pound cakes get their name from the fact that its ingredients are all in the same ratio and proportion. Genoise cakes are considered to be unique to France and Italy. While preparing this cake the ingredients are whipped up until we get a smooth ribbony consistency. Once it is prepared this cake can also be folded or rolled up because of its pliable structure. Red velvet cake is another modern twist of the traditional recipe that has become a mass favorite. The reaction between buttermilk and cocoa powder gives this cake its unique color. In order to achieve a unique color, people sometimes add food color as well depending on what color cake they want.

Chiffon cakes achieve its airy consistency by adding egg whites that have become stiff after whipping, to the cake batter. These cakes are extremely light, fluffy, and filled with flavor. Angel cakes are probably the fluffiest cakes you have ever tasted because it contains only whipped up egg whites and no other fatty ingredient. When cooling these angel cakes, they must be placed in an upside manner to maintain its airy consistency.

Fruit cakes are the healthiest option you can get for your loved ones. Bakers add and experiment with all sorts of dry fruits, spices, and nuts to make fruit cakes that are healthy and delicious. Once they are prepared, fruit cakes can be soaked in rum or brandy which elevates the flavor to the next level. Another healthy option is a carrot cake. This cake has oil as its main fat that is added to a mix of baking soda, baking powder, and grated carrots. These cakes are usually flavored with cream cheese and warm spices. Both fruit cakes and carrot cakes are a good option for people who do not like frosting on their cakes or if they are diabetic.

Depending on the occasion and personal preferences, one can have their own pick from the assortment of cakes mentioned above. It is possible to make the cakes even more specialized by telling the baker about any personal variations you would like to make. Getting a cake from a proper bakery also means that you can get birthday cake delivery right to your doorstep. This is pretty convenient as you can remove cake delivery from your checklist and focus on other preparations for the party and leave the cake to the experts.