Although gift-giving can be fun and exciting it can also be stressful. The stress can be elevated if you don’t know the client particularly well or if you don’t want a gift to seem too personal. Luckily there are gifts that are the perfect mix of personal and professional that are sure to leave a positive lasting impression. Here are 5 corporate Christmas gifts to take some of the stress off of gift-giving this holiday season no matter what your budget is.

  1. Bamboo Wine Tool Set

This is a great idea if you know that your client is a wine-lover. This beautiful set is crafted from bamboo so it is sure to match any decor while also making a statement with its smooth and shiny finish. This matching set includes a bottle opener, wine stopper, and storage case to make sure that these beautiful pieces won’t be misplaced. In addition to being stylish it is also affordable costing only $14.50. If you want to make an even greater impression you can have this set engraved with your company name.

  1. Business Card Holder

The perfect corporate christmas gifts for a budding professional relationship, these two toned business card holders are sure to please both your client and your client’s clients. The neutral color and gorgeous wood tone are certain to match any decor while also standing out as a modern design. This duo-tone holder is certain to draw attention to even the most simple business cards. It is constructed of reclaimed wood it fits the earth-friendly bill without making a large dent in your budget. Your client is sure to remember your company every time they reach for a business card.

  1. Personalized Fortune Cookies

This is a great gift for a large group such as an entire office. Personalize each fortune cookie with your own message for a fun, creative way to thank your clients. If you would like an even more original fortune cookie consider having them dipped in milk or white chocolate and adding one of the sprinkle options. This company also offers gluten free options if you are concerned about special diets. For a totally unique gift you can even have them customized with your company’s logo! This slightly sweet crunchy treat is sure to brighten anyone’s day.

4.Personalized Pen Set

Crafted from alderwood this classic gift is sure to please your client and insure they think of you each time they reach for it. Personalize the pen with your clients name and the solid alderwood case with one of nine inspirational quotes or choose your own message. Consider engraving with your company’s name or motto for a gift your clients will love. The brass accents on the pen are eye catching and the twist action ballpoint is easy to use. The case features a two-hinged operating mechanism and measures 6.5 inches in length. This easily refillable pen set is sure to leave a lasting impression and for less than $20 you won’t have to sacrifice your budget.

  1. Coffee Bean Sampler

Although coffee machines are a common office staple they typically don’t offer the best selection of coffees. Make your client thankful for your gift every day with this Bean Box coffee sampler. Each box contains expertly chosen roasts from all over the world, tasting notes, an artisan caramel and brewing tips to insure a totally immersive coffee experience. Choose from whole beans or freshly ground options and this box will be delivered to your client each month as a reminder that they are important to your company.