Everyone wants to buy a diamond, mostly the new married couple or those who want to marry in the future. Most of the time, we see that girl wants a big and beautiful diamond in their engagement ring. The diamond’s cost does not only depend on its size. The diamond’s cost depends on its 4c’s. 4c’s are clarity, carat, color, and cut. These are the main four Cs which are important when you go out to buy your diamond engagement ring.

You can buy it for many other purposes. You can buy the diamond according to your budget. You can mix all the characteristics of 4c’s and buy a diamond that is suitable for your budget.

Most of the time it seems that when you go to attend any function, and there you see that one of your family members or known wears a diamond, you suddenly ask,’ How big is your diamond?’. What is the cost of that a big diamond? No, it is not just depending on the size of the diamond.

In the diamond market, you buy the diamond of every cost, which suits you. You buy it for different colors and different shapes. The diamond is varying to its color and shape. The shape is not big or small, shapes depends on which shape the diamond is cut. All these points show that the bigger the diamond, the less is its quality.

If you are going to gift a diamond to your fiancée, then think before buying. Just think about the girl’s personality:

If she is working in a high-profile company and works between high profile people then the quality of the diamond matters too much for her.

If she is a chef or graphic designer or does other works, in which the diamond is distracting her from her work, then gift her medium size diamond.

If she works in a company, where she has to go outside many times, a big diamond or the best quality diamond risks her life in danger. So, give her a very little size diamond.

All the things are important to gift her a diamond. Because many times it seems that the girls distract by those things, from her work, and can’t do their work.

In this era, we see that younger comes to the jewelry market and they want a large diamond in shape but less in cost. You can buy a god diamond from the shop which is popular in the market for diamonds. They gave you the trusted and best diamond which also suits your budget without any problem. You get satisfied with the diamond they show you. The diamonds they provide you are conflict-free, ethically sourced, and mine-free.

Most of the people start to invest in diamonds. Beware, when you go to the market to buy a diamond. There are most of the shops who show a big diamond and said to you that buy a big diamond is profitable. Don’t buy a big diamond, the bigger the diamond is, the lesser the quality is. So always, buy the diamond from the trusted shops.