Men generally wear sando at the gym to show off their muscles and do push-ups comfortably. A gym sando emerges out from the normal undergarment that men wear under a shirt or a t-shirt. It is best to use for gym and other exercises like running, jogging, and yoga.

However, it would be wrong to say that wearing sandos is restricted for fitness sessions only. Many men prefer to wear a sando at home also in summer to keep themselves cool and relaxed.

With the increased demand for sandos, designers are giving some variations in it to give a different look instead of boring, basic sando. So, let’s have a look at the variations in this garment.

Quote Sando: Quoted sandos are everyone’s favourite as the quotations quickly catch the attention of people around and make you look cool at the same time, like “Men at work”, “Appreciate the hard work” and so on. You can make your style statement wearing a quoted sando.

Cartoon Character Sando: You can find many cartoon characters and superhero printed sandos online and in traditional markets. Popeye, Superman, and Spiderman print sandos are largely in demand among men. If you carry the image as the “heart of your group,” such options will be perfect for you.

Printed Sando: Other than cartoon characters and superhero prints, other prints are also in demand like beach print, day and night print, moon print, stars print, shell print, geometric patterns, and much more. It is the best option to wear to the gym if you are looking to impress your crush.

Beach printed sandos give a fresh and summery look; you can feel the winds, water, and big trees. Nowadays, there are incredible prints which you can find in sando designs.

Solid Dyed Sando: It gives a decent look to a sando, and many of you love to wear a solid dyed sando with no print, no quotation, no cartoons, and superheroes. This sando offers almost all colour options like yellow, red, green, black, navy, and grey. The most saleable colours are black, navy and grey because the other colours are good for teenagers. Solid sando has one more advantage; you don’t need to buy an undershirt separately. You can use the solid dyed gym sando for undershirt as well.

Dri-fit, cotton and modal are the best fabrics for sando to absorb the sweat so that you can do a lot of exercise without wet feeling. Dri-fit is the best one for gym purposes.

What can you pair with Sando at the gym?

You can pair dri-fit shorts or normal shorts with sando as it will give you comfort while doing exercises. We suggest you buy pocket shorts with a zip so that you can keep your other important stuff with you. So get ready for a nice gym session in a sando, shorts and sports shoes. is one of the best online shopping websites where you can find a unique and stylish range of sandos at a great price. You can also find basic t-shirts on our website, which is also a good option for gymming and other exercises. Many men wear a basic t-shirt instead of sando at the gym because they feel more comfortable in a t-shirt. They like to wear light fabric with a nice hand feel t-shirt. Any basic t-shirt is workable for gym, yoga, and other exercises.

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