Traveling in the past, latex gloves were the most appreciable gloves used especially by the doctors or surgeons in the medical field. However, the day a patient is diagnosed with latex allergies, latex gloves in the medical field have been completely banned. And here comes the nitrile gloves into the picture.

Taking the replacement of latex gloves, nitrile gloves are now widely used across the globe to serve different needs. But why nitrile? What makes nitrile gloves better than latex gloves? Why people are choosing 6 mil black nitrile gloves over the latex gloves?

Questions are many but relevant. By reading the blog until the end you will find your answer.

3 Key Ways To Distinguish Nitrile Gloves From Latex Gloves

  1. How they are made? Latex is purely extracted from the organic tree sap. Unfortunately, this natural extraction when used to manufacture gloves cause allergies to many individuals. That’s true.

    Many often it is discovered that people getting in contact with the latex gloves are very prone to have skin infections and other serious allergies. Due to such harmful infections, even the FDA has suggested not to use latex gloves for medical purposes.

    On the other hand, nitrile is purely inorganic in nature, made from synthetic ingredients. Surprisingly, it is completely free of any kind of allergies, causing no harm to health. Such behavior has compelled the FDA to recommend nitrile as the next popular medical gloves.

  2. Comfortability feature: You will find latex gloves in multiple varieties with respect to its sizes. Hence, finding a pair of gloves as per your size is no headache. However, there is a drawback. No matter how frequent you wear them, you will never be able to judge your size. Moreover, they are easy to wear but cause less comfort if worn for a long duration. As a result, many medical practitioners do not recommend this material for medical use.

    Unlike latex, nitrile gloves offer a more comfortable fit. They are easy to wear and never stick to the hand even if you are wearing them for a long time. They are non-sticky and can even work as a shield against hand fatigue.

  3. Quality of protection: Coming to the level of protection, nitrile gloves are more friendly than latex gloves. As per the degree of durability, nitrile gloves are highly durable and act as a superb protective layer against different harmful chemicals like acids, alcohols, ketones, alkalis, etc.

    Due to such durability, nitrile gloves are even termed as the best puncture-resistant gloves in the market. Whereas, latex gloves are too prone to rupture, especially when they are used in extremely rough conditions.


Therefore, it can be concluded that nitrile gloves are much more effective and protective than latex gloves. If you are looking for a pair of gloves that offer quality barrier protection then you must not avoid using nitrile gloves. They are extremely beneficial medical work gloves, that possess no strong reason to deny.

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