For long we have lived with stereotype designs and compartmentalized the beauty of Indian gold Jewellery designs. Vaddanam and Vankis famously called the twin Jewellery have been portrayed as pure bridal wear. Not only the purchase cost associated with these two items has been high, the maintenance and storage cost have also been equally painful. Because of their restrictive use, only few women preferred to buy them. However, in reality we miss out wearing them on several occasions and family functions because of the heaviness of these items. Karigars coupled modern design aesthetics and recreated these pieces to suit the changing times. The single goal behind these innovations is multi usability, reusability and giving a value for money.

Here are a few handpicked Vanki and Vaddanam designs that are worth exploring:

Adjustable Vanki: An Adjustable Vanki is a modern design innovation, enabling it to be used by every woman in the family. Adjustable Vanki is not entirely design populated, it showcases design in the front and plain adjustable golden strings are given at the back. These adjustable Vankis are plain, sleek and very modish in their design, come as a bangle model. They can be adorned by all age groups; it mostly consists of CZs, south sea pearls along with floral patterns. They look elegant and are comfortable to wear too.

Vanki cum Choker: Vanki cum Choker, a personal favorite these kind of Vankis offer a 2-in-1 usage. They can be used as Vankis and can be adorned as Chokers too. In comparison to adjustable Vankis, these are more design populated; ideal designs that go are that of peacocks, floral patterns, south sea pearls, and golden orbs as danglers, gemstones and CZ studding making them look elegant and graceful.

Vanki cum Pendant:  Oversized pendants with hooks on the either side can be converted to either a Vanki or can be worn with gold chain or pearls or emerald beads etc. There are scores on online Vanki designs with weight and price available online. Explore this style to use your Jewellery in a two way fashion. You are sure to lure glances with these kinds of unique models. If you can’t find such unique South Indian Jewellery in retail Jewellery shops, you can select a design online and custom make it from your local Jeweller.

Chain Vaddanam with south sea pearls: Typical South Indian Vaddanam designs come as a belt with design either in the front or along the length of the Vaddanam, they are heavily built considering the belt pattern, weighing a minimum of 100gms. The weight and the design collectively make it costlier to buy. Added to this is the cost of storage, these belt type models occupy a lot of locker place and can be worn only on limited occasions considering the grandness of the item. A right replacement of this model is the chain type Vaddanam, which is flexible, light in design, affordable and can be safely stored even in smaller places.

5-in-1 Vaddanam/7-in-1 Vaddanam: Another must see Vaddanam designs are the 5-in-1 and the 7-in-1. These Vaddanam designs are carved with multi utility in mind. Karigars for long have thought how to make Vaddanam a daily use item. They recreated the traditional designs with detachable hooks, chains and added extendable chains etc to revive the stereotype belt model. The 7-in-1s enable to use the Vaddanam as a Haram, Choker, Vanki, Pendant, Maang Tikka, and as Necklace.

Pendant Type Vaddanam: Pure bliss, a pendant type Vaddanam has a compelling central pendant coming in oversized designs like Lakshmi mudra or gemstone studded floral patterns decorated with peacocks, elephants, paisley charms and other abstract botanical designs. Karigars elevate their elegance by studding them with CZs, gemstones (that are interchangeable to match the attire) and diamonds too.

Designs like these create value for your hard earned money. At the end we stay satisfied for not locking them away in a safe and for using them on various occasions and in multiple ways.

After all Jewellery is all about using than stocking up!!