Many people do not really know whether to wear a hooded garment or a T-shirt if they go out. They do not know whether they should wear one garment or another for a particular role. But we’ll tell you where to wear what to wear for maximum laughter, fun or just to keep warm or cool with Misfits Shirts.


So, you go to a party and you’re a cool student or an adult. Regardless, you should wear shirts with short sleeves, like a T-shirt. Why not a long T-shirt? Honestly, because you want to show your body to the people and prospects you love. If you have a body, show it off with something revealing like a tank top and not a hoodie.

However, if it is a late winter party, you need to grab a top with long sleeves to get to the job and then take it off and leave it lying somewhere. I only recommend wearing a hoodie that will be quite cold in the winter months and if you wear something short you will show other people that you are indeed cold because goose bumps will be just about everywhere.


If you are shopping in the local city, I recommend wearing a hoodie just in case. Depending on the country you live in, like the United States, you know your weather is very reliable, and if they say it has not rained today, your best option is not to wear something like a hoodie. But if you live in, say, the UK and the weather is not very reliable, then a hooded top in your bag is to play it safe instead of getting wet without wearing a hooded shirt.

But if you forget to wear a shirt and you are shopping, you can always buy something to wear while shopping. But again, if you are shopping in an indoor business area downtown, wearing a hooded shirt or short-sleeved T-shirt will not be the biggest factor if it is raining outside simply because you have a roof over your head.

Musical Concert:

When you go to a musical show, wear a shirt related to music and if you can wear something related to a singer to show that you are a true fan. If you are going to travel by public transport, wear a shirt with long sleeves so that if you have a doubt, it is raining or it will be very cold, at least you will have something to wear.

Music Festival:

If you are going to a music festival and staying the weekend, you will need to pack a lot more than short sleeve shirts. You will need to pack your Wellington boots, hooded shirts, sleeping bags and your general everyday clothes.

At Home:

When you are at home you can wear what you want whenever you want. You can stay in your pajamas all day and no one will care and you should not because it is your home and you can wear whatever you want, specially the best option to wear Misfits Hoodie, it’s very comfortable.

If you have doubts about what to wear next or what you should buy, what do you think about your music and what do you listen to? If you do not like music, the usual funny passwords are always available for you to purchase.