A diary is considered much more than a mere space for storing words. It acts as an exceptional tool that allows you to cultivate critical and reflective thinking and identify and nurture useful perspectives.

Some individuals jot down the happy moments, while a major segment of the population vents out when grieving or stressing out. Remember, any time is a perfect time to write. Well, the following discussion specifies six types of diaries you must-have in your 20s. Please check them out now.

  1. Plans

It is good to have a record of the life you are leading. Write down whatever you do daily and your plans for the future. This motivates you to accomplish them under all circumstances. Maintaining a diary is great when you try to recall what tasks you performed in the past on a particular day.

  1. Work

You must bring your work diary every day to the office. You will be able to succeed in a hassle-free manner if you write down the timings of the meetings and the names of the clients you are having meetings with. Also, pen down helpful advices and fascinating things that you learn about your job.

  1. Cooking

Do you love preparing different types of dishes for your family and friends? If yes, consider keeping a cooking diary. Here, you can write the recipes that you invented on your own and the ones that you learned from television shows or the internet. Paste pictures of food items and beverages to decorate the diary.


  1. Bucket List

Studies have shown that people are likely to do tasks that they write down beforehand in a metaphorical bucket list. Keep a diary aside just to state things that you want to accomplish down the road. Tick them off once you start fulfilling them, and you cannot even imagine how satisfied you will feel.

  1. Travel

When you are travelling, it can be quite difficult to stay in the present. Yet, try to take at least a couple of minutes from your trip to write down the names of the destinations you visited, and how one destination differs from another in terms of weather, cuisine, dress, culture, etc.

  1. Books

If you are a bookworm, you may like to remember the names of all the books you read throughout life. After you finished a book, write down what you feel about it immediately, a kind of mini-review. Apart from helping you form an opinion on the book, doing so allows you to retain the story in your heart for a prolonged period.

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