There are so many milestones and holidays celebrated by exchanging gifts. People give different things for different reasons but at some point, these gifts become meaningless. There are only some many green or red sweaters a person can look forward to for Christmas, so much cheap jewellery that never gets won given to celebrate anniversaries and birthdays. After a while all these gifts become meaningless. There is one gift that stands the test of time because of its value and the cultural significance it has and that is the gift of gold.

Gold is malleable and easy to work with and can be formed into different shapes. This gives you a huge array of possibilities when giving the gift of gold. You can buy bars and coins, jewellery and even gold plated cellphones, keys and other things.

Gold is accepted everywhere in the world. It is recognized as a store of wealth globally. When coins were first created in 500BC in Lydia, now known as Turkey, they were created as currency and used as legal tender. Gold coins had substantial value but it created more economic inequality in society. When gold coins stopped being legal tender and fiat money was introduced gold became more valuable as a store of wealth. At the end of the day the bride and groom could have given guests a gift of gold coins to signify and mark the day as an important day that needed to be commemorated with something special.

This practice has endured over the years and has continued to be part of a lot of cultures. In a lot of countries that were under British rule like India, gold guineas were part of the country’s currency and they are still valuable as collector’s items.

In Europe, North America, China and Russia gold coins are still given as gifts especially for graduations and birthdays. Common coins that are given as gifts include American Gold Eagles, South African Gold Krugerrands, Chinese gold pandas and various other European gold coins. The beauty of giving gold as gifts is that the recipient can sell gold Brisbane in order to get cash for something else he or she may need.

Gold Bars

Gold bars aren’t commonly given as gifts because they are bulky and heavy. Gold bars aren’t popular for their aesthetic like gold bars, however there are gold art bars produced by certain mints like the Perth mint series of bars with beautiful artistic etchings or PAMP’s Lady Fortuna bars.

Gold bars do not have a numismatic value like gold coins and therefore have lower price mark-ups. Even gold bars that have fancy artwork less than gold bullion coins. Gold bars are also available in a wide range of size. You can buy fractional one gram gold bars or 1/10 ounce bars. The advantage of smaller bars is that they are affordable enough to give as gifts and easy to sell gold Brisbane when the need arises.

Gold Jewellery

Gold Jewellery is extremely popular. You can purchase jewellery with a specific meaning. The pantheon of designs available is large. Common gold jewellery include rings, necklaces, pendants bracelets and earrings. The choice of gold jewellery to buy is driven by the desirability of the design as well as the gold content.

To make jewellery harder and more durable, gold is mixed with base metals like copper, nickel or silver. The purity of gold jewellery is measured in karats ranging from 10, 14, 16, 20 and 22 karats.

Gold is the gift that keeps on giving. Recipients of gold gifts can either choose to keep them or sell them when the spot price is high.