Morganite is a light pink stone that has become popular amongst the brides, celebrities and in the fashion industry. Morganite is now the most demanded stone amongst the people. Morganite is currently featured in engagement rings mostly. Morganite is a new hot cake in the fashion industry. Many of you have personally witnessed what the beauty a Morganiteis; many are still thinking what exactly it is.Let’s not wait more, here comes the detail about the pink diamond.

Know More About Morganite

Morganite belongs to the beryl mineral family and is light pink. Morganite also includes minerals like emeralds and aquamarine.Morganite is available in various colors like Rose, Peach, Pink, Purple and Salmon. Pink and rose color Morganite is high on demand; the deep color Morganite is high in demand, valuable and is found very rare.Morganite is 7.5 on the MohsScale, and the score of a diamond is 10.Morganites are prone to scratch and are softer. As Morganite is soft, so it needs special care, mainly engagement rings.Morganite is not only soft than the diamonds, but then the pale pink color stone is within budget and less expensive on dollar-per-carat-basis. Morganite is considered as one of the best in engagement rings as compared to diamonds because it is hard, durable and of soft romantic shade.

History of Morganites

The beautiful Morganite was initially discovered in the coast of Madagascar in 1911. In the year 1911, the beautiful pink shade stone was named by J.P. Morgan, a mineral collector and financier.

Apart from the beauty, this is also a combination of assurance, compassion and healing. Morganite is also known for providing stress relief and positive vibes. So this stone is prescribed for everyday use to implement these factors in your life.

Morganite engagement rings

Morganite engagement ring is the most demanded amongst the jewelry industry. The pink colored stone is frequently paired with rose gold as the pink shade can be compared with the pink shade of the metal.  This pretty pink is the ultimate symbol of love and romance. Brides choose for Mogantite because of its beautiful color, durability and affordable price.

Varieties of Morganite Rings:-

There are different types of Morganite rings are available in the market depending on their variation in color. If you are choosing for your engagement or any other purposes then its best to choose the one according to your choice and preferences.

  1. Soft Pink Gold Morganite ring:- This is a leave like structure ring beautifully sketched with slightly pink Morganitestone in the centre.
  2. Victorian Pink Gold Morganite ring:- The ring is a unique Victorian shape of Morganite stone of crafted beautifully for the engagement purpose. This is the ultimate token of romance.
  3. Pink Gold Oval Cut ring:- This is a classic oval cut shaped ring with the rosy gold stone in the centre. This is the trending gemstone. This is a simple perfect ring.
  4. Vintage Pink Gold Morganite Ring:- This is surrounded with a delicate round of ribbons. It gives a vintage touch to the ring for the beauty look.
  5. Twisted Pink Gold Ring:- The Morganite ring is crafted in the centre for a stunning look and making this one of the best rings for engagement purpose.
  6. Pink Gold Round Cut Ring:- This is a glittery rose gold nimbusbeautifully crafted with the stones all around.

Morganite Fashion Jewelry

Morganite Jewelry is in high demand in the fashion industry and amongst celebrities, and it is beautiful pink shade stone crafted with the best designs for the feminine.Jewelry includes neckpiece, earrings, drop earrings. The jewelry is a craft with the best plans for the beautification.

Few Morganite Jewelry

Morganite is not only used only to create amazing rings but it also getting used for making various other kinds of jewelry too.

Pink Morganite and diamond earring:- These are the round-shaped ring rounded with pink shaped stones. Perfect for everyday wear.

Pink gold diamond and Morganite drop earrings:- These are oval-shaped drop earrings with beautiful shades of Morganite for fancy occasions.

Pink gold diamond and Morganite fashion ring:-  These rings are rounded with soft Morganite stone all the sides of the ring and are for occasional usage. It is fit for all time.

Pink Gold hexagonal diamond and Morganite Pendant Necklace:- There are various types of necklace and pendant available with the beauty of Morganite stone. The jewelry is of multiple shapes best for multiple occasions. There are necklaces also for everyday use and fancy parties.

Why you should choose Morganite over diamond?

Morganite jewelry is the best alternative for diamonds. It is budget-friendly, and its durability makes it the perfect one for daily and occasional use. We all know women love ring, thanks to J.P Morgan for gifting us the best stone that fits best for the women. The various shades of the stone make it highly demand the fashion world, celebrities.Morganite stone is crafted in earrings, necklaces, pendant, and drop earrings wristlets, etc. Various jewelry is for different usage.

Nature of Morganite stones

Talking about its nature which makes it best alternatives to the diamond nowadays are Color:-Pink, Purple,


Crystal process:-Hexagonal Crystal system,

Mineral class:-Beryl


Morganite is a good investment as alternative to diamonds, but it is still a famous stone for engagement rings, necklace, earrings etc. The stone requires little maintenance. The stone is precious and valuable for its beauty and availability. Morganite is an excellent alternative to diamonds when it comes to engagement rings and other diamond jewelry, not only of its budget-friendly but also for its durability and resistance.


Morganite is not a good investment as its price never increases; there is no increase of price with size. Though if you think not form the investment point of view rather you want to gift something which is really wonderful in look and have a classy appeal then this stone might be one of the best choices available in the market. LargerMorganites which has the best color and which is an excellent condition can be of a higher rate than the small ones. Morganite stones are hard, thus making it hard for daily use, this not as hard as diamond or ruby or sapphire. Morganite does not get scratches quickly.