After the GFX 50S, Fujifilm has launched the more affordable, lighter and smaller model- Fujifilm GFX 50R. Though the interior is quite similar, the new model gets some changes in design and stuffing. The new model is 145 grams lighter and 25mm thinner than the GFX 50S, it is around eighty grands cheaper too.

So, does this camera really shrink the gap between high-end DSLRs and the medium formats cam? Let’s check it out in the Fujifilm GFX 50R review below:


Fujifilm GFX 50R design is similar to the Fujifilm’s X-Pro and X-E mirrorless camera. The product gets solid magnesium rigid alloy body and the 64 weather seals to protect the interiors of the camera from dust and moisture. There is a place to insert a pair of cards on the camera’s side- be it SDHC, SDXC, the older cards. Moreover, there is support for UHS-I and UHS-II. The USB Type-C port behind a small door at the camera base is somewhat irritating job done by the company. You can explore ordering FujiFilm GFX with available Snapdeal Coupons today to grab best discounted rates.

Comparing it to the 50S, this camera is thinner and lighter. The controls are placed like they are on X-series. Shutter speed and exposure dials are on the top. The back plate houses some controls like AF Joystick, Q button and more. The device feels solid in hands and grippy too- no complaints so far.


The autofocus system packed in this device is just like the GFX 50S one which works on the contrast-detect AF system. You get many options like Single Point, Zone, and Wide/Tracking to change the focusing points. In the Zone mode, you can describe the size of Zone and can have all the freedom to choose 426 individual points in the frame while using Single Point Mode. As the camera doesn’t have that action photography niche, so the Hybrid AG system wasn’t even expected. Overall, the autofocus system on Fujifilm GFX 50R isn’t as lively as on the high-end DSLRs but it does the job with no complaints- totally smooth.


The touchscreen on this Fujifilm GFX 50R is really well designed and is very smooth too. It is very responsive, the controls work fine, you can change the settings in the Q Menu easily- everything is perfectly fine. But, sometimes when selecting the focusing point, it might get little itchy for the users as it takes some time there.

The screen easily tilts both up and down for obtuse and acute angle shooting but the angles are very tightened and limited than other models. But, the camera screen gets most of the angles right. The viewfinder works good and the image comes clear and nice every time when you are capturing the detailed subjects. In terms of speed, this device takes no lags or hiccups while operating. The buttons are responsive but some of them are very hard to press to make changes- even harder than on X-series models. The camera can capture 13 raw Super Fine JPEGs at the 3fps burst rate which are then send to SD card in 3-5 seconds. All said, the camera works fine and is pretty nice but there are much better than it. Still looking at what it provides, it is more than enough.

Image Quality

The level of detailing in the image is splendid and the raw files and JPEGs come out very punchy and vibrant every time you click a picture. The noise is really low in low-frequency areas which are also a plus point in terms of image quality. In the ISO range, the images come still powerful and strong in detail but you can feel some noise near the ISO3200 mark. So, the overall ISO-performance is solid and pitch perfect. The Fujifilm GFX 50R comes with quite Firm Simulation modes – from Standard, Vivid to Classic Chrome options. The only thing going against the pics is the auto white balance system works weirdly under the natural and artificial lightings. You can also find some of the best designs and latest gadgets online with available Tata Cliq Offers to grab best discounts.


Fujifilm GFX 50R is a good option if you are not looking to buy its a bigger model GFX 50S. This one is lighter, smaller and even cheaper than the GFX 50S. The images come with perfect detailing and the noise is low and unnoticeable. The screen comes responsive and the great build makes this product looks premium too. The only complaints air cons it has is the video specs are really low, USB-C port is at a weird position. So, this camera might not be for action photographers but in the medium format photography, it is worth giving a shot.