Online course selling business has increased dramatically over the past few years. Irrespective of the content you are selling, your marketing strategy must be on point. If you aren’t doing marketing effectively, you won’t be able to stand out. In this article, I am sharing a few marketing ideas that you must implement in the long run.

They are not some quick-fire tactics and keywords. You must do it consistently over a long time to gain results.

How to Promote Your Online Course in 2021

As you proceed through each of the strategies, start with one of the most important one, content marketing.

1: Content Marketing

Content marketing involves creating & sharing content online. The purpose of content marketing is to educate your target audience & induce the interest of your brand. You don’t have to sell your course directly but just create quality content consistently. This is quite effective in doing brand-awareness.

Content Marketing includes written form of content like blogs, emails, video content, podcasts, infographics, social media content etc.

Being a course creator, you can even share the snippets of your online course content to build up curiosity. Hence, content marketing must be a stand-out strategy to promote your online courses.

2: Host a Podcast

In 2021, podcasting would be one of the most effective ways to grow organically. This way, you can share your ideas, build authority, show your credibility by sharing valuable content your audience would benefit from. This would help your audience to consume content on the go.

Release a new show/podcast every week or month. Launching seasons has also become quite popular these days.

3: Launch a Video Channel

Create a youtube channel. Record and share videos on the topic you are creating courses on. It should be relatable to your target audience in one way or another. Video has become quite popular since 2020 as well. Video content consumers have increased dramatically. Combining blogs, vlogs & podcasts on your content creation journey could help you a great deal. They do have the power to get YOU out into the world. Giving your audience free value would get to share your idea & build momentum.

One of the most efficient ways of creating content is to create one single piece of content & repurpose it into other forms.  For example, you can use one of your online course videos as a podcast episode, blog post, and new video on your channel.

5: Build an Email List

We often talk about paid marketing campaigns to reach out to your target audience. It requires some investment for ads. As long as you stop investing, you would stop reaching out to them.

However, emails are one such thing which would help you reach out to them over & over again without spending a penny.

They won’t purchase from you right away. However, if you give them something for free as a lead magnet, they might trust you eventually.

  • Every time someone reads one of your blogs, give a CTA to sign up for your newsletter or download a free guide.
  • When they listen to your podcast, ask them to subscribe. Let them join your free community where you give them some access to premium content.
  • Give them a free video series in exchange for your email address.

Throughout the process remember that you can’t sell to them unless you have built your credibility. Talk about your course, share your online journey, make them a part of your community. This will finally help you turn a cold lead into a warm prospect.

Follow these strategies over and over again for a longer period of time before you start to see some results. This would help you build long term credibility.