If you are a parent, you will know the kids lie about their whereabouts. When you ask them where they have been, they try to hide the reality. This happens when they are afraid of their parents. They may also be visiting places that the parents don’t want them to go to. There are few other reasons that we will talk about in the next section.

Why Teens Lie About Whereabouts?

It is important to understand the reasons why kids and teens lie about their locations and whereabouts. There are different reasons for this. Below are the few with explanations that will help parents understand the reasons when teens lie about their whereabouts.

They Want to Hide Something

You kid may be going somewhere that they want to hide from the parents. For them, telling about their location will make them feel uncomfortable. They may be going to date someone, meeting their tinder match or doing drugs with friends. Kids should be encouraged to not lie and hide their whereabouts as it can be dangerous.

They’re Afraid of Parents

Sometimes the parents are strict. This makes kids hide their whereabouts from their parents. They have no confidence in sharing what they do or confessing their relationships if they are dating someone. Parents should love such kids and talk to them in a way that teens feel confident and share their problems with parents.

They May Be Dating Someone

There is a great possibility that your teen might be dating someone. So they think they should keep it a secret and not share everything with the parents. Even they hide this from their siblings. When they go to meet them, they lie about their whereabouts and hide what places they have been going to.

They May Be Taking Drugs

Your kid is hiding the whereabouts and the places he or she is visiting because they may be taking drugs, going to bars and parties with friends and peers. The dark side of drugs this is a dangerous thing. Parents should be really concerned as drugs are more dangerous than anything else.

How to Deal with them?

Dealing with teens who lie about their whereabouts is the toughest thing. They will try their best to hide the places and keep the secret. Whatever the parents do, they will not talk about those places. So for such teens, the parents should sit with them and talk to them. Listen to their problems, get their confidence and make them believe you care about their problems.

Tell your teens that they might be hiding something from you and they should not do so as it will hurt you. They also compromise their own safety when they hide their whereabouts. They don’t know when the online date kidnaps you, kill you or harms you in any other way. So the parents should know where the teens are going and what they have been up to.

Use Parental Control App

If the issue remains the same and the teens are not willing to share their whereabouts, parents should look for other options. There can be many ways and one of them is to use a parental control app to spy on teens. You can use a location tracker but the tracker will share details about location only. With a parental control app, you can do other things as well.

Using parental control has many advantages. BlurSPY is the best parental control app out there. This app is useful in multiple ways. Parents can track the location of their children, check their phone calls, record calls, track text messages, and monitor social media as well as other multimedia files.

Parents will feel relaxed and better with this app as it will give all the locations of the teens. The app also keeps a history of the weekly locations and places your child will visit so you will know everything about their whereabouts.