In the event that your Wi-Fi association isn’t exactly as rapid as the 100 megabytes for every second as guaranteed by your supplier, the guilty party can be anything from physical obstruction to blocked information paths. In any case, if the web traffic paths are clear and your sparkly new router is up to snuff, yet your gadgets are only excessively far from that ground floor source of the wireless signal, Belkin wifi extender setup offers the solution.

This smooth little contraption just attachments into an electrical plug bounces onto your wireless signal and lifts the source from its area, going about as a kind of Wi-Fi waypoint. The Belkin wifi extender intends to ease Wi-Fi dead spots and grow your space’s remote association by up to 5,000 feet. When it’s set up, the Wi-Fi Range Extender is a pretty uninvolved gadget.  Let us guide you with the setup part.

Wireless Setup

Belkin offers a benevolently easy approach to set up your Wi-Fi Range Extender (formally known as the N300 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Range Extender). Regardless of whether you’re connecting it to a remote or wired web flag, the establishment procedure guides you to a site that truly walks you through the well-ordered setup procedure.

Before you arrive at the Belkin.setup, you’ll need to connect the Range Extender to an electrical plug. Pick one that is near the “edge” of your Wi-Fi system’s inclusion (the spot where the Wi-Fi signals begin to get somewhat unsteady) for the best outcomes.

When you’re connected, jump on any gadget associated with your Wi-Fi organize. Scan for the Wi-Fi network called Belkin.setup and associate with it. Before you begin checking Instagram or watching YouTube videos, open your gadget’s program, make a beeline for “www.belkin.range” and adhere to the well-ordered guidelines there.

Wired Setup

To go hardwired with your Belkin.Range Extender, the setup process is a little different. For establishing a hardwired connection, you’ll need a computer or laptop that is placed somewhere near to the power outlet where you will plug in your Range Extender.

To run designed with your Belkin Wi-Fi Range Extender, the setup procedure is somewhat unique. In the event, that you need to establish a hard-wired connection you’ll require a PC that is located close to the electrical plug where your Range Extender will be placed.

Initially, associate the Range Extender to the PC with an Ethernet link (the Extender has an Ethernet port, yet it does exclude a link, so you’ll need to cop one independently).

 Attachment the N300 into the power source, at that point, turn the associated PC’s Wi-Fi off. Open the PC’s program, visit http://belkin.range and adhere to the directions onscreen. When you’re adhering to Belkin’s online directions and the Belkin n300 setup is finished, turn on the Wi-Fi – else, you’ll have a considerably shorter range than previously.

Setup Issues – Troubleshoot Belkin Range Extender

By one way or another if Belkin.range did not work as it supposed to be, please go to and click On Get Started. (Ensure Router and Extender is Turned On). What’s more, if even that did not work than I should suggest you to Reset Belkin Extender and thereafter try to reconfigure it. Given below are the steps to reset Belkin Range Extender.

The most effective method to Reset Belkin Range Extender:

For Belkin wifi extender reset, you have to pursue these means:

  • Power on the Belkin Range Extender.
  • Now look carefully at the back of your Extender, there must be a reset Key at the back of your extender.
  • Once found, press the reset key utilizing Paperclip or Pen and Hold it squeezed for like 20-30 second.
  • Now discharge the Reset Key and restart The Range Extender.
  • To read progressively about Belkin Extender investigating, visit

These means ought to have tackled the issues for your Belkin Extender. Now you can set up the Range Extender again by given strides above.  At the point when the fundamentals come up short, go to