There are several spy apps for android platforms, and all of these will help you monitor your target person. Cell phone spy apps like MocoSpy are working for two prime reasons: child monitoring and employee monitoring. It is done to protect either your business or your employees from getting any sort of harm. Also, it is the source of managing the productivity of your office Publisuites

Here are the brief reasons why one must use this spy software android

Why spy app for android-MocoSpy?

  • Spy software android for parents 

There is no doubt that all the smartphones and social media have taken the whole world by the storm. Moreover, every teen prefers to choose social media to get entertainment. Moreover, the internet has also earned a great but the worst reputation in enjoyment for teens. 

Also, there are several online forums that teens use to get answers to their questions. However, some bullies, predators are also freely available for them and watching them for their attack. 

  • Spy app for employers

There is more than one reason why employers of several agencies are using this spy software android to monitor their employees. However, the foremost reasons are to boost productivity and to protect valuable information are the two prime reasons. 

It is because the business with no productivity must face a massive cost as they lose each year. Moreover, the reason behind the wastage of time is to use the time of employees for socializing and for entertainment. 


MocoSpy offers a great list of highly optimized features, and all of these will assist you in tracking your loved ones. Also, you will be able to monitor your employees and children in a discreet and useful manner smoothly. 

Now here we will be going to discuss the details of the cell phone monitoring software  features. 

  • Call tracking 

You can use this feature to record calls made from either your target cell phone or coming into your target’s device. This cell phone monitoring software will also create the call log lists of all the incoming, missed, outgoing, and the appropriate time and duration details. 

  • Text message and social media monitoring 

Social media is the fast and the primary tool for socializing. You can keep track of what the target user is doing on his social media sites: Facebook. Also, MocoSpy will create the text logs for every message that has been changed over the applications like WhatsApp or Viber. 

Other than that, you can even create the blacklist of the terms that you have been looking into in the MocoSpy, and from there, you can quickly get and monitor the notification which you will be getting. 

  • Location tracking 

You can get every information from the MocoSpy where your employee or child is headed. Here you will get the real-time location tracking on the map. You can also access the geofencing feature to create the barriers that will not let the target user cross the boundaries. Also, when the target user is trying to cross the boundaries, then on that instant, you will get the notification alert. 

Hence it is the outstanding feature that will let you protect your children from getting into any problem. It will also update you if your employees are intentionally coming late, or there are some other reasons. 

  • Multimedia access 

With this smart spy app for android’s help, you will get complete information about the target user videos, pictures, and other essential multimedia on that device. Moreover, you will get calendar notifications as well. 

Furthermore, as a parent, you will be  that your child has any inappropriate content into his device. Moreover, as a manager, you can check if your employee has some secret files in his device. 

  • Online monitoring 

It is the best feature for parents. You can easily track if your child is browsing the inappropriate content online. In this way, you can have an idea about their mental health problem as well. Also, MocoSpy will offer the opportunity to monitor specific keywords tool. 

Moreover, in this way, they can quickly get information about search engines as well. Also, they can track their target user’s emails. 

Easy to use 

MocoSpy has a highly advanced, intuitive interface spy app for android  that is simple to use and easy to use. Moreover, it will not take that much time to install, and you can check the installation guide, which is extremely simple. 


Android spying software is the highly sophisticated android cell phone tracker and spy app for android. It is essential for you to either be a parent and want you to protect your teens or the employer who protects his office. MocoSpy is the only answer. 

Moreover, this spy app for android will work on the background, so it will not let the target know that you are spying on him, which is the best part. However, you need to make sure it remains in the circle of ethical hacking. It is best if you download this spy app for android with the consent of the target user.