Amazon SEO agencies are specialists who are able to assist you optimize content within your amazon webstore in order to drive more traffic to your store, thus boosting your sales. SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. This is a technique that utilizes buzzwords and keywords to make sure that your web content is more visible on search engines relative to your competition.


With so many companies providing this service, it is no wonder that many sellers are experiencing a lot of difficulty in identifying a suitable provider that can cater to all their needs. This article is therefore a guide that helps you in correctly assessing the best Amazon SEO provider.

Why should I opt for an Amazon SEO service?

This is a very good question. There are numerous benefits of hiring an Amazon SEO expert. For one, a reputable SEO service provider most likely has a professional team who are adept at amazon’s policies. They have the precise knowledge to effectively optimize your goods on Amazon and enable them achieve the highest ranking.

This can save you a lot of time.

For another, Skilled SEO experts can quickly study your business and figure out your exact needs. In case you are unfamiliar with Amazon SEO, such providers can do the heavy lifting on your behalf.

SEO best practices you should know before getting started with Amazon

It is imperative to be aware of some fundamental Amazon SEO strategies prior to hiring an agency to offer the full service. To succeed as a business, it would be prudent to follow the SEO guidelines recommended by Amazon.

What’s more, Amazon uses an algorithm called the A9 algorithm. How does it work? The Amazon A9 algorithm is basically a ranking mechanism that determines where products shall appear for a certain keyword within the Search Engine Results Page. though the factors used in ranking are rather ambiguous, this A9 algorithm apparently ranks products on the basis of text match relevancy, sales performance history, product availability, and price.

Apart from the above mentioned factors, there are other factors that can impact on your Amazon product ranking. These include: the fulfillment method, images, customer reviews, advertising, premium content, and promotions.

To enhance the relevance of your product, you must utilize the appropriate keywords. While writing the title of your product, you need to include the keyword therein. Your brand name also needs to be included in the title.

Next, make a precise description of the material mentioning its essential functions or its ingredients. It needs to have an adequate amount of details, and should be persuasive. Of course, you will need some of your most important keywords as well. Bullet-point descriptions are the most effective in Amazon SEO. customers are normally turned off by large chunks of text, and this can hamper your search ranking.

Another good practice is to include clear HD images in your SEO. the chosen images should bear all the details and be appropriately zoomed. While setting your pricing, it should not have a big deviation from that of your competition.

This can seriously hamper your ranking. Lastly, ensure that the advertised item is in stock. You can even use inventory management software to alert you in case your stocks are dwindling.

What are some of the best Amazon SEO services?

There are numerous Amazon SEO agencies that offer excellent assistance to clients. Below are some of such companies:

Wisitech- specialists in optimization services aimed at boosting rankings, driving traffic to the site and enhancing sales.

Amazon SEO Consultant- provides full Amazon SEO solutions in addition to Marketing

Buy Box Experts- assists brands in selling their merchandise across North America and Europe

Ignite Visibility- an expert consulting company that mainly focuses on boosting Amazon sales