A fabulous historic place in the state of Maharashtra, Satara is comfortably nestled at the spectacular confluence of rivers Venna and Krishna. There are several spectacular forts in Satara that history and fort lovers will love to explore. Don’t fret about how many forts in Satara there are. Be assured, there are plenty. In fact, not just forts, but Satara is home to scores of palaces, temples, ancient monuments, and other historical sites associated with the Marathas. Records claim that the historical district happens to be a 16th-century establishment. Developing rapidly since then, Satara is today counted among the fastest-progressing regions in the country.

With that in mind, take a trip back in time and visit some of the most spectacular forts in Satara this vacation. Listed below are a few of the most popular forts in Satara district you can visit. Pick any you like and have the best historical vacation ever!

Ajinkyatara Fort

Built sometime in the 16th century, Ajinkyatara Fort Satara, Maharashtra, is placed at an elevation of approximately 4400 feet. A stunning fort in Satara, it was built during the reign of Mughals in the region. It was once upon a time considered to be among the impregnable forts in the country. Beautifully built, the fort played a key role in the progressive growth of the Maratha Empire. This was the very place from where the erstwhile Maratha rulers reigned over the southern parts of the state.

Pandavgad Fort

Pandavgad Fort Satara, Maharashtra, is among the most spectacularly built forts in the country. The spectacular fort was built by the Shilahar Dynasty ruler – King Bhoj II. It played a significant role during the battle in 1817 between the British forces and Trimbak Dengle. A massive and sharp rock approximately 6 m high offers natural protection to Pandavgad Fort. You can book last minute flights and visit the place in case you don’t have time to make flight reservations in advance for a trip.

Vasota Fort

Also attributed to King Bhoj II, Vasota Fort Satara, Maharashtra, is among the strongest stone forts built in India. The fort is famed for once being defended by Ramabai Teli who happened to be the Pant Pratinidhi’s mistress. One of the most spectacular forts in Satara in the 16th century, it always remained with the More, Marathas, and Shirkes. The fort was renamed as Vyaghragad by Shivaji Maharaj in 1655 when he incorporated it into Swarajya.

Vairatgad Fort

Another of the spectacular forts in Satara, Vairatgad Fort was built sometime in the 11th century. It functioned as a military station during the reign of Shivaji Maharaj and was captured by the British in 1818. The fort is partially in ruins today. At the entrance, there is a bastion which lies in a dilapidated state. The top of the once spectacular fort is quite small and there are remnants of several old buildings to be found. A Hanuman temple can be found at the top with an idol sitting outside of it. There is also a cave as well as some cisterns at the fort.

Sajjangad Fort

Translated to mean the Fort of Gentlemen, this spectacular structure was built during the 14th-15th centuries by the Bahmani Dynasty. Over the course of time, Sajjangad Fort was captured by many other dynasties which included the Marathas, Mughals, and the Adil Shahis. The fort complex is home to the Samadhi of the great saint Samarth Ramdas who reportedly spent a lot of time meditating here. It’s one of the most spectacular forts in Satara to visit when arriving on business class flights.

Pratapgad Fort

Built by Shivaji Maharaj sometime in the 1600’s, Pratapgad Fort is a significant historical site. Located atop a massive hill, this is reportedly where the famous Pratapgad battle was fought between the Adil Shahis and Marathas. Owing to its proximity to lush green Mahabaleshwar hill station, it’s one of the best monsoon travel destinations in India. The place comes alive with rainfall and is a popular trekking destination as well. It’s one of the most spectacular forts in Satara definitely worth a visit.

Kamalgad Fort

The history of this remarkable structure is clouded in mystery. However, it is popularly believed that it was constructed centuries before the period of the Marathas. Kamalgad Fort is a popular camping and trekking spot in the region. So if you love to hike, you should definitely book cheap flights at Indian Eagle to come and explore this astonishing place. Besides exploring amazing hiking trails, you can also indulge in clicking some awesome shots of the surrounding region. There are many points that offer sweeping, panoramic views of the area.

These were just some of the many spectacular forts in Satara you can visit. Other forts you can include in your itinerary are Bhushangad Fort, Vardhangad Fort, and Kalyangad Fort. Visit as many of these stunning forts as you wish to and have the best nature-cum-historical vacation ever!