Chennai has always been one of the leading tourist destinations of India because of its natural beauty and historical importance. As a tourist, you cannot skip Chennai, the capital of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, while planning for a trip to South India.

Moreover, as the city lies at the shore of the Bay of Bengal, Chennai is gifted with some exotic beaches that can give you the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent beauty of nature. The best beaches in Chennai attracts beach lovers not only from the country but from all around the world. You can visit LBB Chennai to get detailed information and know more regarding Chennai. Given below are some of the best beaches which you must visit while in Chennai to discover the vibrant hues of nature.

Best beaches of Chennai

Covelong (Kovalam) Beach

Covelong (also known as Kovalam) Beach is situated in South Chennai, adjacent to the ECR Road. This beach is commonly called Kovalam Beach by the local people. However, you should not confuse the name with Kovalam that is situated in Kerala. Being located on the outskirts of Chennai, you can expect the Covelang beach to be less crowded, thus peaceful and enjoyable. This beach can be the best choice for you if you are hoping to take a break from your daily schedule.

Apart from the beauty of nature, Covelong Beach gives you a chance to observe the lifestyle of the fishermen who live in the vicinity. During the peak season, you can also enjoy numerous water amusements like skiing, paragliding, etc. 

Breezy Beach

If you are a wanderlust and looking for a beach where you can spend a whole day, Breezy Beach can be your perfect choice. It is a calm and quiet beach in Valmiki Nagar, a residential area in the city. You can avoid the weekends for visiting this beach. One of the main attractions of this place is horse riding. You can hire a horse and enjoy a ride through the sandy shore. A soothing breeze will accompany you if the weather is favorable.

You can also consider visiting the Breezy beach in the late afternoon and experience an evening walk by the shore. It can be guaranteed that you will cherish the experience for a long time. Furthermore, if you want to know more regarding Chennai or Breezy beach, there are a lot of websites that you can visit.

Marina Beach

Marina Beach can be considered the heart of Chennai city. A trip to Chennai is incomplete if someone misses out on the Marina Beach. This beach is located at the Marina Beach Road, and it generally remains crowded all the time by both tourists and locals. A lighthouse is located near the Marina Beach where you can get a bird’s eye view of the city and the beach. 

The local people mostly visit Marina Beach during their leisure time. You can find many restaurants near this beach that serve lip-smacking South Indian food. Also, horse riding is quite popular at Marina Beach. If you want to closely look through the city life of Chennai, exploring the Marina Beach should top your itinerary.

Santhome Beach

You have to reach the Santhome Beach Road near Chennai Cathedral to visit the Santhome Beach. This beach generally remains calm as it is less crowded. You can visit the beach in the evening and spend some alone time. A few colonies of fishermen also resides in the Santhome Beach.

Santhome Beach can be your paradise if you want to taste the South Indian street cuisines. Dishes like Idli, Dosa, and Vada are found in abundance here. As a unique dish, you can also try the Subndal. This is an evening snack that is made with dry peas, coconut, and mango.

Mahabalipuram Beach

The historic city of Mahabalipuram is located 57 km away from the main city of Chennai. However, both private and public means of transport are available. If you possess an interest in the ancient history of India, try visiting Mahabalipuram once. The architectural style of the ancient temples in the place can deliver you the essence of the Pallava Kings who ruled a long time ago.

The Mahabalipuram Beach is a vibrant sandy beach where the clear blue waves of the Bay of Bengal washes away the rocks designed alongside the shore. You can easily spend a day in Mahabalipuram Beach while indulging in a beach walk and shopping.

So, these are some of the best beaches in Chennai which you should make sure to visit while being in the city. The transportation system of Chennai is outstanding, and you can see a lot of beaches in a short period given their proximity in terms of location. You can conveniently visit Chennai during the winter months and the summer months if you want. However, it is advised that you have a detailed word with your tour operator regarding the best time to visit Chennai. Even LBB Chennai could be your online guide.