3 Ways To Text Someone Who Blocked You

3 Ways To Text Someone Who Blocked You?



You might want to know how to text someone who blocked you on your phone. Whether you’re looking to reconnect with a former flame or want to reach out to a friend or family member quickly, this article will show you how to do it. There is always a way to stop communicating with certain persons on every system or social network. The same holds for any device’s built-in texting capability. Here is the solution of how-to text someone who blocked your number. Blocking a number prevents any communication with it, including text messages and phone calls.

Problems on your network end can give the impression that you are being blocked. When a message you send does not go through, you should double-check a few things before assuming the recipient has banned your number. Even if the called number is within range of the network, the called number will be unable to make the call if the called number is blocked. There will be no ringing, and the call will cease immediately. A busy signal will be played if the caller’s phone is secured using a third-party app. You won’t get delivery confirmation when you send a text message to a banned number.

Convert Your Phone into One That Can Receive Delivery Confirmations By SMS:

How can I text someone who has blocked me If you ask the question so the answer is through SMS you can contact them. Steps are-

To start communicating with others, launch your phone’s stock messaging program.

Select “Settings” from the “Options” menu. If your phone supports dual SIM cards, select the options for the SIM card for which you would like to get delivery updates.

To turn on SMS delivery reports, find the setting that enables them and activates the corresponding switch or checkbox.

Analyze why you were barred from texting a specific number and how to unblock it.

The 3 Easiest Ways to Text Someone Who Blocked You:

The 3 Easiest Ways to Text Someone Who Blocked You

Your chances of getting through to someone who has blocked their number are slim. It would be a huge letdown for the concept of hiding phone numbers privately to discover that it is possible to do so. Here are some strategies for avoiding a messaging block.

1. Dial a different number or a virtual one:

Sending a message from a different number is one of the most reliable ways to contact someone who has blocked you via text message. A little preamble to establish your identity as the sender of the Text may be required, but it serves its purpose well. One potential negative is that you’ll have to remember another phone number. A backup line, if available, is sufficient. However, it’s also possible that your second line has been cut off in the process. This leads us to virtual or secondary phone numbers for people who don’t have a second line.

A number that doesn’t physically exist:

A virtual phone number may be used from anywhere and on any device. You can use a virtual phone number as a go-between to connect with people. When you sign up for one of these services, you’ll be assigned a new phone number that will forward your regular calls and text messages to your regular phone. Your calls and text to someone who blocked you will now originate from the unique number. Similarly, if you get an incoming call or Text, you must answer it. The call comes through on the secondary line before being forwarded to your primary one. This way, you can keep using your regular phone line while giving the impression to callers that they are communicating with a new virtual number. Using a virtual phone number, you can still send a text message from the blocked phone to the person even if they have blocked your number. The deception here appears to have originated from the free virtual phone number.

2. Submitting Messages Via an Anonymous Texting Service:

You can send SMS to other people without them being able to see your actual phone number by using an anonymous texting service. Precisely for that, they give you a phone number to call. Using one of these services, you can send a text to a previously restricted phone while being entirely anonymous. It is possible to send a message to any phone number through the internet using a free anonymous texting service: no sign-up or phone number is required.

Access the online source:

  • Type in the phone number to which you want to send an anonymous message.
  • Type your intended message into the “To:” field.
  • At this point, you should hit the “Send” button.

You Might Need A valid email address is required. This is a must if you want to get responses to your message. Since you didn’t give us your phone number, we’ll have to send any replies to the anonymous Text to your email instead. It’s just one kind of anonymous messaging service out there. It allows you to send encrypted text messages and hide your caller ID number.

  • Select the option within the app that allows you to send anonymous text messages.
  • To make a new one, select Text and then click New.
  • Type in the recipient’s number or choose them from your contact list. In order for the app to access your phone’s address book, you’ll need to give it permission to do so.
  • Enter the Text of the message you wish to send to the banned phone.
  • Select Send to send it.

3. Switch to a different texting service:

Blocking someone’s phone number only affects future interactions on that particular service. If the other person has an account, you can continue to communicate with them using that method. WhatsApp is a widely used messaging app that requires users to provide their phone numbers to create an account. In other words, feel free to send a WhatsApp message to that number.

If you want to text someone who has blocked you on your iPhone or Android, you can use Google Voice:

It is suggested you begin by installing the Google Voice app on your iOS or Android phone. Launch the app on your mobile device to start setting up your account once it has been downloaded and installed so you can text someone who blocked you.

1. To use Google Voice, step one is to fire up the app on your iOS or Android device.

2. Please choose the Google account with which the Voice number will be associated, and then press the “Continue” button.

In order to use the voice app on an iPhone, you must sign up for a Google account. If you have more than one Google account and are using the Google Voice app on an Android device, you will need to choose one of them.

3. Select a Google Voice number in the text box by tapping “Search” in the bottom-right corner. Following this, you’ll be prompted to input your zip or city name to bring up a choice of local options.

The postal code you gave will be used to generate a list of relevant phone numbers.

4 Choose the phone number you want to use for your Google Voice account by hitting the blue button that appears next to the number you wish to use.

5. Google will show you the phone number again, and you can either accept it or go back to choose another one by pressing the back button.

6. Connect your Android or iOS device to your Google Voice account and phone number.

7. After that, you’ll provide your cellphone number, to which Google Voice will promptly issue a verification code.

Therefore, make sure to enter an actual and working phone number, as Google will send a six-digit code to that number.

8. If you’re using a mobile device, step 8 is to enter the code sent to your phone and click “Verify.”

You can now text or phone someone who has blocked you by using your Google Voice number and a Google account you just created and validated.

Simply put, this is the most excellent answer to how to SMS someone text a number that blocked you on an iPhone or an Android device. With several Google accounts, you can set up multiple Google Voice accounts.


After reading everything written about ways to message someone who blocked you by SMS, you might be wondering what to do. You may need to learn how to utilize a virtual private network (VPN) to mask your location before using some of the apps above if you are outside the United States. Getting blocked less frequently is recommended to show respect for people’s privacy.


Is it possible to text someone who has blocked you?

Sending a text message from the same number to someone who has blocked you will result in the news never being delivered. The person who blocked you can’t receive texts from your regular number, so you’ll need to use a different one. You’ve already suggested that people who have blocked you on an iPhone or Android try utilizing Google Voice or another free messaging service. Keep in mind that you’ll need access to the internet and a phone number to use these applications and that you’ll be using that number to send and receive texts.

So, you’ve been blocked on WhatsApp; now what?

Nothing can be done except to start a new WhatsApp account with a different phone number that the receiver does not have. Then, you can contact the recipient with a message using the new WhatsApp account you just made. If someone has prohibited your iPhone from receiving texts from you, you can still communicate with them through the Google Voice app and the phone number they are assigned. You’d only need a small amount of data, and you’d be all set.

How can I send a message to an iPhone user who has blocked me?

iMessage takes advantage of your email’s associated Caller ID. If someone has blocked you but still wants to send them an iMessage, update your “You Can Be Reached By iMessage at” email address.

How Do You Unblock Yourself from Someone’s Phone?

To bypass a security lock on someone else’s phone, you’ll need physical access to that device. When calling someone who has banned you, you have two options: use a different number, or block your number so that you can’t be traced back to you if they answer.

Can a Blocked Number Become Unblocked?

The good news is that you can unblock a number if you change your mind about blocking it. A number can be cleared in much less time than it took to stop it.

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