Afresheet NetWorth After Shark Tank

Afresheet NetWorth After Shark Tank


Afresheet has come up as a savior to most people. The people who are unable to spend much time or disabled Afresheet are perfect for them. Afresheet is nothing but a set of disposable sheets that can be pulled off easily as soon as it becomes dirt or in case something gets spilled on it by any chance and a new sheet is disclosed.

There are seven layers in the Afresheet. The selling price of Afresheet is nearly $29.95. The sheets are made up of polyester. That is why as soon as anything gets spilled on it, it can not reach the next layer. For the people who dwell in dorm rooms, Afresheets are designed for them. It is created in twin additional sizes.

People who dwell in firm rooms can not get adequate time to wash their bedsheets in the laundry. One may easily use Afresheet and most importantly they may recycle the Afresheets.

What is the Afresheet?

Afresheet is an environment-friendly firm that makes disposable, waterproof sheets. The price of every set of sheets is $29.95. There are seven layers in each set. The sheets are designed twin extra long to make them perfect for dorm room mattresses.

The company initially targeted collegegoers, parents of kids, and incontinent grown-ups. Maxwell set up this company in 2014 by taking financial help from his friends and family members.

The sheets are easy to use and they are eco-friendly as it reduces the requirement of water or harsh cleaning materials for washing sheets and it has reduced the time for sheet changes.

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Who are the inventors of Afresheet?

Afresheet was set up by Maxwell Cohen. Maxwell was a college student who was pursuing his education in Environmental Water Resource Economics. He thought of creating an Afresheet when he found that a lot of his fellow students are unable to clean their bedsheets regularly.

The reason behind this innovation is that he wanted to settle the issue of a large number of students who are pursuing their education in universities, dwell in dorm rooms, live far from home, and do not get adequate time to wash their bedsheets. He created Afresheet to explore this unknown market and make their lives convenient.

He created these disposable, comfortable, eco-friendly, and affordable sheets after experimenting with hospital bed sheets.

He started his company in May 2014 by taking financial help from his friends and family members. He at first produced the sheets for college goers but he intended to grow his product line to kids and grown-ups who are incontinent. That is why he decided to come up on Shark Tank to get help from the sharks.

He has grown his business to Peel Away Labs to add disposable linens for any size of bed along with a brand particularly geared towards summer campers known as Camp a Peel.

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What occurred to Afresheet Before Shark Tank?

For the people who remain barely at home, cleaning beds is a difficult task for them. That is why Maxwell Cohen produced Afresheet. This is an outstanding way to keep our beds fresh and smelling great.

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What Happened To The Afresheet on Shark Tank?

Maxwell appeared on Shark Tank Season 7 Episode 8 intending to get an investment of $100,000 in exchange for a 29% share in his business the valuation of which was $500,000 at that time.

He depicted the sharks in the numerous uses of his product, Afreshsheet. These sheets are made of polyester and they are recyclable.

The founder was unable to impress the sharks along with Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary with his product and the shortage of sales. Finance they chose not to invest their money in the company.

Rober Herjavac said that it was potential enough to beat the market and he was worried about the shortage of orders. That is why he decided not to invest in the business.

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Did Afresheet secure a deal on the Shark Tank?

Maxwell Cohen appeared on Shark Tank intending to get an investment of $100,000 in exchange for 29% equity in his business.

Maxwell gave a presentation of his product and Mr. Wonderful seemed to be satisfied with his presentation. Maxwell depicted the entire concept behind Afresheet along with its uses in front of the sharks.

The founder also shared how he began this business at the time of his college days. Sharks grabbed several samples to look at Afresheet closely and touch them physically.

 Cohen shared with the sharks that they had managed to sell more than 400 units to date. Robert Herjavec said that it was not so good. Mark Cuban added to it that the founder is not playing against cotton companies.

Max said the sharks that he had got a few calls from hospitals and summer camps for checking out. When Maxy began his journey he had only invested $12,000 in the business.

Kevin O’Leary inquired if he has tested any big stories. The founder replied that he had attempted with Bed Bath and Beyond but was not able to manage its place successfully there. 

According to Mark Cuban Max was not clear about his insight. He is searching for his way out and going out. According to Lori Grenier, she was not feeling confident about the company and then she left the show.

Daymond John said he was unable to get any good vibes and it was too early to sit to search for money and then he also went out.

Robert inquired them about the reason behind the no sales and gave him advice along with justification and left the show. Kevin O’

Leary said that he did not like the idea and then he also went out of the show. That is why Afresheet was not able to secure any deal on Shark Tank. Maxwell was unable to get a shark on his hook Afresheet.

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What occurred to Afresheet after the Shark Tank Show?

It was proved after the Shark Tank show that what the sharks judged about Afresheet was completely right. As soon as the Afresheet shark tank episode was aired, the company only received a few orders which were not adequate for Maxwell to run his business further.

After the Shark Tank appearance, the company rebranded itself in 2017 and the founder claimed that it has become  32% sifter than before and it is 100% waterproof. 

At the time of appearing on the show, the valuation of the company was $500,000. But the sharks did not believe in his words. The founder appeared on the show to bring the sharks under his Afresheet but unfortunately, he was unable to do so.

The product is available on Amazon. People from all over the world buy Afresheet from Amazon. In this way, the company was able to expand its products all over the world.

People have given diverse reviews on Amazon about these disposable sheets. The rating of Afresheet has increased from 2.5 to 2.7 stars. As of now, the product is out of stock.

Maxwell sold all the stock he had after the Shark Tank show. The sharks were proved right when Afresheet was unable to make it more after 2020. The price of these seven layers of an Afresheet is $29.9. The product was available in two sizes: twin large and twin XL. They are the standard size for the room mattresses.

The company was gone out of the market by its opponents as of 2021. The company is out of business now. According to the Linkedin profile of Maxwell, we have come to know that the company is planning to make a comeback with a new logo, new website, new packaging, and a new name. Maxwell now addressed himself as the inventor of Peel Aways.

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Who are the competitors of Afresheet?

There are a lot of competitors of Afresheet. Some of the most significant opponents are given below:

  • Bill and Branch
  • SmartDuvet
  • Smarttress
  • The Foam Party

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What is the net worth of Afresheet?

Afresheet net worth was $500,000 when it appeared on the Shark Tank show. We do not know the founder Maxwell Cohen’s net worth.

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Is Afresheet still in business?

Afresheet has ceased all its operations now. The company is out of business as of now. In 2021, Maxwell sold all his products. But the Linkedin profile of the founder says that Maxwell is still working on it and is going to make a comeback with a completely new picture.

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A few interesting facts about Afresheet?

Some of the interesting facts about Afresheet are as follows:

  • Afresheet bed sheets are manufactured using 100% Egyptian cotton.
  • The bed sheets are available in different colors and styles.
  • The bed sheets are smooth, soft, and elegant.
  • The net worth of Afreshsheet is supposed to be between $10 to $15 million.
  • The company is a socially liable firm. 

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The Afresheet shark tank update

The company did not get commercial success despite the airing of the Afresheet Shark Tank show. The people who tried this product have remarked that the rough polyester fabric was very irritating to wear.

The product only came in two sizes Twin large and twin Xl which in turn reduced the number of buyers for the product. The company started to sell its products online on Amazon apart from its official website. The company unfortunately was not able to do well. The product only received 11 reviews from the beginning to date on their site.

Some people said these sheets are thin, some said they are uncomfortable, some said they may tear easily, and some said they are nothing but paper sheets.

Moreover, a lot of people were concerned about the recyclability of the sheets as they are made up of polyester materials.

After taking part in Shark Tank, it was unar to impress the sharks. So it did not get any deal from the sharks. After the show, the sales of the company did not grow. The founder then stopped his business in 2021.

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Afresheet did not get any deal on Shark Tank. So, the founder was compelled to stop his business. But the company is going to come back soon with a new name and new features. We are eager to see the success of the company in its new venture.


What is AFreSheet?

Afresheet is an environment-friendly company that manufactures disposable and waterproof sheets. In each set of Afresheet, there are seven sheets.  The cost of each Afresheet set is $29.95.

Who invented AFreSheet?

Maxwell Cohen created Afresheet because he had to spend a lot of his time for his higher education for which he did not get adequate time to clean his bedsheets regularly.

What is Afresheet net worth in 2022?

When the founder pitched his company Afresheet on Shark Tank appealing to the sharks for an investment of $100,000 in exchange for a 20% share in his business the net worth of the company was $500,000

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