Today, more than 50 societies in Navi Mumbai use Housing Society Management App. Every time a housing society meeting is arranged or the maintenance costs reviewed, society members are alerted through its housing society management services.

From security to record-keeping, new housing society management services are giving society members benefits of society maintenance.

“From reckoning a penance to certifying cashless transactions, the service we enrolled has helped us control everything systematically,” says a Navi Mumbai resident. “Now we don’t need to wait for those paper bills to reach our doorstep and then drop our cheque in the society bills collection box.”

For your benefit

Hamari Society, launched this year, is customizable housing society software that offers excellent features uniquely for housing societies. It is enriched with notice boards and polls to move decision-making online and aim to automate the working of a housing society. Hamari Society helps you create a centralized database of flats, residents, vehicles, accounts, staff, CHS assets and vendors, on an app and keeps an instantly accessible chronological record of each and every notice, circular, rule/regulation and minutes posted.

“User’s notices will be displayed on dashboard. Hence, users can be rest assured with their notices by just one click on dashboard,” says the founder.

“With the feature of society meeting management, we find it easy to record and publish minutes of board, committee and general meetings,” says a Navi Mumbai resident. “Because of the online poll, we need not waste time at the meetings and in case if there is an issue, it can be resolved online.”

Hamari Society gives you a full-fledged society accounting software that can automatically generate invoices against each flat, and control payments such as maintenance charges, electricity bill charges and water charges, service tax calculation, and federal tax liabilities all with ease.

Hamari Society has been designed by taking all the important points of Housing society management features and is a simple & efficient platform for Co-operative Housing Societies. Hamari society solemnly manages the Society operations and thus improves satisfaction of owners and residents.