There is a significant difference between the success rate of ordinary drug rehab centers and luxury rehab centers. Sometimes, drug rehabilitation becomes extremely important. However, the treatments offered by drug rehabilitation centers do not work for all patients. Even when therapists are using a personalized treatment plan, it does not help. So, the only option left is visiting one of the best luxury drug rehab centers.

So, in this article, we will see what you should look for in a drug rehab center and why some treatments fail.

How To Choose A Treatment Program?

You should avoid treatment with a fixed length of stay. The length of stay should depend on the condition of the patient. So, join a program with flexible stay length if you want better and long-term results.

You should work with a well-trained therapist emphasizing on individual treatment. Some drug rehab centers claim that they are offering personalized care. However, you should verify their claims. Some of these rehab centers have a set of existing programs. This is not individualized care.

You are spending your time and money. So, make sure that the rehab center is offering a variety of treatment approaches. The treatment center should utilize different approaches to achieve the best possible results. If the program is engaging you in a single approach model, you should stay away.

The success rate of luxury drug rehab centers is incredibly high. If you can’t afford treatment at a luxury rehab center, go for a top-rated rehab center with fewer amenities. The facility must offer decent housing and food.

The treatment center should be able to manage yours and your family’s expectations. Don’t believe in unrealistic claims they make.

What to avoid?

Untrained Therapists

You may not know this, but many of the drug rehab centers don’t have well-qualified and trained therapists. Some of these treatment centers even offer their own training programs for those who want to become addiction counselors. So, even you can be a counselor after completing their one year course. However, it takes three to eight years to become a psychiatrist or psychologist.  

Unnecessary Service

Services that are unnecessary for you may not be unnecessary for someone else. This depends on your budget. Therapies like ocean therapy, equine therapy, aquatic aerobics, and qigong therapy help. However, these are not externally necessary. So, if you can’t afford these, avoid these.

Lack Of Individualized Treatment

If a patient is using drugs or alcohol due to some problems or issues in life, his mental state will be different from the mental state of some other patient. This makes it extremely important to use personalized treatment plans. The program must be based on the assessment of the physical and mental health of the patient.


Sometimes, you don’t get what you pay for. The treatment at luxury drug rehab centers is expensive but it works. However, if a regular drug rehab center is charging too much, you should look for some other rehab center.

Don’t forget checking the success rate of the drug rehab center you are planning to join.