The employee monitoring has turned out to be thebiggest concern for the business around the world. The entrepreneurs use different tools and tactics to monitor the activities of their employees during working hours. While some use human labor tosupervise their workforces, some take the advantage of technology to keep their workers under surveillance. There are surveillance cameras that you usually found in offices and work stations. These cameras are installed for security purpose and for employee monitoring as well. The modern businesses have started using employee monitoring software to track their workers’ online and offline activities. This software lets you monitor every employee individually remaining anywhere and anytime. Read on to know how monitoring software lets you keep an eye on your workers during and beyond working hours.

Employee Monitoring Software

The technologists have developed different software and applications to facilitate businesses in managing their operations and monitoring their workers. If we particularly talk about employee monitoring software, there are many choices to choose from. There are scores of monitoring and tracing software available in the online market but picking up the most reliable and efficient is the key. We have reviewed different software for employee surveillance and found a few bestone. TheOneSpy is one of those.

It is a cross-platform monitoring and racking app that lets you track mobile phone and computers used by your workers.You can track the use of these devices without taking them into possession. The only thing you need to do is to install the spy software on the company-owned mobile phones and computer devices. Also, make sure that you take written consent of your workers before monitoring their devices for legitimate monitoring. There are certain rules that must obey to use the employee monitoring software responsibly, securely and lawfully.

How does Employee Monitoring Software Work

The monitoring software works as most of other cell phone applications and computer programs do. The employers are required to install TheOneSpy employee tracking software on the mobile phones, desktop computers and laptop computers of their workers. It is pertinent to mention here that the spy software lets you track Android mobile phones, iPhone, iPads, Windows computers and Mac computers.

You can install the spy software on Android mobile phone devices, Windows computers and Mac computers by following the user-friendly installation process of TheOneSpy. To install the monitoring software on iOS mobile phones, you first need to jailbreak the iOS to get the smartphone installed with third party spy app.

However, if you do not want to jailbreak your expensive iPhone you may choose the non-jailbreak iOS monitoring software of TheOneSpy. This monitoring solution lets you track an iPhone without spy app installation and jailbreak process. You only need to provide iCloud credentials of the targeted iPhone to start tracking the device. You may also need to root the targeted Android phone to get it installed with the Premium monitoring solution.

After successful installation of the spy app on the targeted mobile phone or computer device, you do not need to access those devices again. You can monitor those devices and control certain functions of those devices via online portal of the employee monitoring software. Log into the online control panel of the spyware and get access to the data stored on the targeted devices and activities performed on those devices by your workers.

What Can Employee Tracking Software Do

The mobile phone and compute tracking softwarecan do the magic for you. You can monitor almost all online and offline activities of your workers from anywhere and anytime. You can track their conversations, read their emails, listen to their phone calls and monitor their social media profiles to prevent them from unproductive and malicious activities. Given are the main features of mobile phone and computer monitoring software.

Monitor Real-Time Activities

Wanna know what your workers are doing on their computers or smartphones in real-time? The spy software lets you monitor and record activities performed on the monitored device without wasting a minute. If you are suspicious about the activities of a certain worker, you can send command to his phone or computer to take screenshots of his screen. The remotely and secretly captured screenshots will tell you the whole story. On Mac computers, you can record screens for a specific time period and send multiple commands to prolong the duration of screen recording.

Track Social Media Apps

Your displeased workers may use social media to defame the company or spreading inaccurate information. The spy software lets you monitor their social media accounts to ensure they do not post any objectionable stuff online. You can track Facebook, Instagram, Skype, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Tinder, Tumblr, Telegram, Line, Vine, Hike, Hangout, Zalo, IMO, Yahoo messenger and many other social and instant messaging apps.

Monitor Messages& Emails

The spy software lets you access all incoming and outgoing messages and emails of your workers. You can read the content and get contact information of negotiators.

Call Recording

The Android monitoring app lets you record all phone calls received and made by your employees. You can listen to these recorded calls; get detail of these calls and see contact numbers of callers and recipients.

Surround Monitoring

The spy software also acts as a surveillance camera and shows activities performed in the workplace. You can take over cameras of monitored cell phones and laptops to monitor and record surrounding scenes. The microphone of these devices can be used to record surrounding sounds.


The employee surveillancesoftware records keystrokes applied to the keyboard of the monitored devices. These keystrokes also include keylogs of usernames, passwords and email addresses.

Track Internet History

The internet browsing history of monitored cell phones and computers get automatically uploaded to the online portal of the spyware software. The employers can analyze the internet activities of their workers and block their access to unproductive and unwanted websites.

In short, the employee tracking software lets you monitor almost every activity performed at the workplace and on the monitored mobile phone and computer devices. To know more about the software you can visit the official website of TheOneSpy.

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