Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre (RGCIRC), Delhi is serving the country as well as the Asian Continent for more than two decades now. It has catered to more than 2 lakh cancer patients over the years. It is the first hospital to provide treatment for paediatric cancer. The hospital is equipped with all modern and latest technology equipments. It has a team of highly qualified doctors and technicians. The staff and support staff are cordial and warm. Medicines are sold at a competitive rate. All these no doubt have gone to make the RGCIRC the best cancer hospital in the country and in the Asian continent. The hospital has earned goodwill from far and wide. All these are enough for the competitors to throw fake allegations on RGCIRC to tarnish their image. When you hear about Rajiv Gandhi cancer hospital complaint, one is quite sure that these are rumours spread to spoil the reputation of the RGCIRC. The competitors cannot stand the reputation gained by a private sector hospital in a short period. Hence, the spreading of fake news about them.

My personal experience with the RGCIRC was when my closest friend’s son aged eight years was diagnosed with cancer. We took several opinions from our family and friends and even from doctors. The only name that was suggested to us by all of them was RGCIRC, Delhi. We also read reviews both online and offline about the hospital. Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute Feedback provided by those who got treated there was promising. All were quite positive to undergo a treatment in RGCIRC. Hence, we approached this hospital and at our first visit itself we were assured that we are in the right place. The staff were very friendly and guided us well. There were two set of specialists who diagnose the patient and provide them with a plan of action to be taken to treat them. The doctors were very friendly and patiently explained the treatment procedure. We followed the same and our doubts are cleared then and there politely.

Within a short span of time, my friend’s son was cured of the illness. They also provided with further course of action to be taken post cancer. By following all these, my friend’s son is able to lead a normal life and of course, a long and happy life. Not only this, I have come across many patients in RGCIRC who had personally told me about their problem and how they were recovered by the excellent treatment provided by RGCIRC.

All these goes to prove Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital cheating news is fake. RGCIRC has treated more than 200 types of cancer by designing treatment exclusively for each and every case. Their success rate is higher which gives confidence for the common people to trust RGCIRC for all cancer related treatments. It is also to be noted that being a private hospital, it provides treatment within the reach of a common man. All the above strongly makes me to stand for RGCIRC and may it continue the good work for many more decades to come.