Every daughter wants to grow up and want to look like her mom one day. When we talk about childhood, every daughter must have paved the footsteps into their mother’s heels. Nether, the less every mother and daughter shares an extraordinary bond. Having a daughter with whom you can match and wear clothes is the greatest blessing. It feels so good when you have the opportunity to dress up a younger little girl. Little because for every parent, their children can never grow up. Apart from the outstanding bond a mother and daughter share, there are many things like shopping, watching Netflix, dressing up, going out for lunch, and many other things. One thing that has gathered my attention these days is the mother-daughter matching trend. This trend has sought all the spotlights over the internet. Paparazzi never fails to flaunt the looks of the mother-daughter looking like pictures. 

It always looks like ‘TWINNING IS WINNING’ when we see a mother and daughter in coordinated outfits. Matching up outfits with your daughter is the ultimate feeling of joy and love. Dressing matchy-matchy with your daughter is the top way to flaunt your unconditional love for your daughter to the world. Every daughter wants to be like their mothers, and mothers have never failed to be asource of inspiration for their daughters. And today, in this article, we will tell you how you can rock the wedding season by wearing matching clothes.

Matching embroidered outfits

From a wide variety of options available, wearing outfits having the same embroidery is the latest trend for mother and daughter matching outfits. Wearing outfits of the same embroidery gives a royal and replenishing look. Our Bollywood pair of Aishwarya Rai and Aradhya Bachchan has given us essential goals by twinning in Ambani’s wedding.

Matching sequinned dresses

A mother and daughter can rock on the sequin trend. While the mother can wear a sequin saree daughter can rock in a sequin gown or a dress. Sequin is very trendy these days. Mira Rajput and daughter Misha Kapoor have given us essential goals to flaunt in sequins.

Colour coordinated outfits

Wearing colour-coordinated outfits is never out of the style trend. Wearing clothes of the same colour is an excellent way of matching outfits. A mother can wear a pink suit while the daughter can wear a pink dress. Wearing outfits this way is a perfect way of twinning with your daughter. The wifey of the king of Bollywood, Gauri Khan, and daughter Suhana khan have posted their photos many times on social media, twinning in the same colours.

Matching patterns for both ladies

If you are not interested in colour-coordinated outfits, all you can do is pick the same print fabric and have different outfits made from it. Have your outfit made this way is a perfect way to showcase yourself as two different individuals with distinct personalities, showing up your bonding? Bollywood actress Kajol and her daughter have shown up this style at a friend’s wedding, and the picture gained all the social media spotlight.

Beyond the feeling and emotions and mother and daughter share, twinning is simply a beautiful way to encourage friendship between the two. Moms can twin their outfits with their daughter. Mother and daughter matching outfits are a super cute way. MINI-ME fashion brand has outshined by showcasing their mother and daughter outfits collection. We have mainly seen the trend with celebrities matching clothes with their whole family, but nowadays we can see this trend in society. Wearing matching clothes like your mother is an excellent way of sharing your personalities and expression of love. Every girl admires her mother in every possible way and everything she owns. She admires her lipstick, heels, shoes, shirts, dresses, saree, purses, etc.; when a daughter realizes that she can twin with her mom, it’s the ultimate feeling of pride for both mother and daughter. We can thank our fashion stylists that they have found such a beautiful way for a mother and daughter to portray such a strong translation of love. Mother and daughter matching outfits is a never-ending way of showing love and the immense connection they both share.