If you are you looking for the big names for the franchise in Pharma sector in India, then Google might answer a few but the idea is to get the one that suits more into your needs. The pharmaceutical industry works on discovering, creating, and producing drugs and the basic working principle of this business is PCD – Propaganda Cum Distribution. PCD is a way it is growing up at a higher pace because of the rapid expansion and advancement in the pharmaceutical sector.

Pharma business is being initiated by a lot of people around the globe.

The things one should consider before choosing a PCD Pharma Franchise-

  • It must have a good reputation.
  • It must have legal documentation.
  • Their medicine/ drugs must follow the norm and standards set by the government.

The one who is looking for a big franchise PCD deals can make a handsome amount of money through it. Hence, it is recommendable to choose wisely.

Now, let’s have a look at a few top PCD Pharma companies in India.


So here is the list of five top PCD companies in India-

  • Alna Vedic-

This company is rested as the top node PCD company in india offering drugs and medicines in Ayurvedic division. The company has made its remarkable presence in the domain of herbal products and medicines. The products are widely appreciated over for the innovative solutions they offer to help the mankind.

  • Mathis Pharma-

Another PCD based Pharma company started its journey from Chandigarh is accepted as the growing company in this sector because of the quality product it offer and that too at reasonable prices.

  • H & I Critical Care-

Widely acknowledged as the best PCD company in India is renowned for its intensive care product range and services. This company offers the monopoly rights and generate the high potential for its customers.

  • Soinsvie Pharmacia-

This company has a wider and efficient distribution network, ethical marketing practices this has made it the best brand as PCD Pharma Company in India. Moreover, its product base is wider with 400+ products.

  • Rossevelt-

This company offers you the most optimized services as a PCD Pharma Franchise company along with the monopoly rights.

Other than these, here is some best PCD pharma company in India. There are many more like-

  •    Vibcare Pharma
  •    Fossils Remedies
  •    Radico remedies


No doubt, Pharma business can generate you a great profit but one has to be very conscious and responsible while working in this sector for the health of a lot of people is at stuck in Pharma sector.  People with some sort of experience can make a really get handsome amount of money with PCD Pharma Companies. One must have the required skills and understanding for- Pharma Market, handling drugs/medicines vis customers. If you have planned well and analyzed every aspect close to Pharma franchise system, you will eventually cut down the risk. Follow the things straight and systematically in order to avail a good volume of profit.