Stickers might not pop into your head when you are after a home makeover or in the mood to declutter. They should though! Stickers are incredibly versatile and can be little time and money savers. 

Printing companies offer a number of materials and shapes for you to choose from. We are here to help you navigate that and find the perfect sticker for your DIY renovation project or decluttering mission. 

We have collected our favourite ways to use stickers at home, so let’s jump right in! 

  1. Biodegradable Paper Labels 

Whether it is labeling the contents in your pantry, managing your house move or organising your office space – biodegradable labels are perfect for indoor uses of all kinds. 

Using them to organise your home allows you to stay on top of the day-to-day without producing extra waste, so get sticking! 

If you are planning to reorganize your space with stickers, we recommend getting labels. Labels come on a sheet instead of individually cut which makes the application faster and easier. 

  1. Wall Stickers 

Wall stickers or wall tattoos are an amazing way to decorate even rented homes on a budget while still creating that wow-effect by choosing beautiful customized stickers

Wall stickers are made from a thick vinyl that is easy to apply and remove without damaging the paint or leaving any adhesive residue. This way, you can leave your (temporary) personal mark on your space. 

  1. Waterproof Stickers 

These are perfect for decorating your bathroom tiles on a budget. You can just get the pattern you’d like printed and cut in the exact shape of your tiles. 

If you have kids, even cartoon designs can become bathtime companions. 

Due to the humidity of your bathroom, we would recommend getting waterproof stickers to make sure they will not peel or disintegrate over time. 

  1. Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl stickers are real all-rounders. A super fun way to use them is for name tags. This ensures that lunch boxes and water bottles do not get lost or switched out in kindergarten. 

This can save you a lot of frustration in the long run as a simple name tag stops their belongings from vanishing. Once misplaced, they can easily be found again. 

If you are not quite sure how to go about ordering name tags, we recommend using Canva, a platform that allows you to create your own logos like this one: 

You can download it for free here. If you get paper labels, these will be super easy to write on as well! 

That’s it, four ways to use stickers around your home. We hope we have inspired you to give them a try and use them for your next project. If you are already using stickers to organise your space, let us know in the comments!