The 21st-century global economic dynamics has been complemented with technology and in this scenario; the internet has upended the business growth strategies. A major acolyte of every business today is a website, an online portal which opens the gate for every potential lead and customer to enter into your world and gather insights.

Developing a user-friendly website entails certain important and effective cues; these cues will help any organization project an attractive in the market:

Landing Page:

A landing page is what attracts the visitor eyes; a mundane landing page of a web design company will not pique the reader’s interest. Hence, your website’s landing page should be responsive and intuitive. For this, you can add GIFs, illustration, and graphics.

Video page:

As per stats, the worldwide consumption of videos has outgrown from 65% to 95% with more people putting content through video’s. While the content and images still top the web design realm, video landing pages make better conversion rates. They are now considered as one of the most powerful medium to convey all information. So, use them in your web design and reap maximum benefits and higher leads.

Make sure to not put embedded videos or other outdated ones just for the sake of something; it will do more hams than good. Try to put up genuine videos that are relevant as per your brand.

Include Chatbots:

Customers or visitors find it easy to interact with your organization real time through the website rather than picking up the phone or poking you through an email. These AI-powered chat bots also provide an easy insight into the customer’s mind which in turn helps you devise tailored portfolio for every customer.

Typography And Fonts:

A big hurdle to continuing scrolling through the page is unreadable fonts. In the web designing world, readability matters more than designing. How much effective a website would be, if the reader cannot even make sense of what’s written on it? Leave the experimentation for your kid’s cursive writing project at home; in the business, world information is preferred over eloquent writing styles.

Color Psychology:

A plethora of researches has proved the fact that colors help shape the thinking of an individual, so make sure that your product matches the color of the website. Imagine a food product company whose website’s background color is black, here the picture does not match the narrative. Food products means energy and healthiness, hence the colors green, orange or yellow will throw the right pitch than black.

Loading Time:

On an average, the individual will wait only for 3 seconds for your home page to open, after that the tab closes and he/she moves on to the next website. All that work and efforts will be of no use if your homepage takes time to open in the first instance. So, ensure that your website has easy navigability to cement the chances of visitor retention further.

So, now that you are well aware of all the tips of web designing, use them to create a powerful website and skyrocket your business!