What to Give To A Loved One for His Birthday: Standard Gifts and Not Only


An endless problem that torments women and girls all over the world once in a year – what to give to a loved one for their birthday. It is especially difficult to solve it if you are together not so long ago, and you have not had time to get to know him better. It is also difficult to choose a gift for a beloved man, when you have lived for many years, and you simply do not know what to give.

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Usually for the idea of ​​a gift, we turn to girlfriends, sisters, mothers and the Internet. Moreover, in the latter case, turning over a huge amount of information, oddly enough, it is not possible to choose a birthday present.

And it would be necessary – to delve into their knowledge about him as a person: with their own interests, hobbies, lifestyle features. And with a lack of information – contact his friends. Maybe you can put together a decent gift for one?

But more often, to our questions – what to give to a beloved for a birthday – everyone answers sadly: “I don’t know.” Then the options remain a bit. You can refer to someone else’s experience (and who gave what to your loved ones) or to standard gifts for men and guys.

What can you give to a loved one for his birthday?

  • Flower bouquet with chocolate is a perfect gift for birthday or any other occasion. It is also inexpensive gift and everyone can buy it easily from online stores.
  • Perfumery is permissible, but the chance of “falling into a puddle” is likely – either he does not use cologne, or he is allergic, or he did not like the smell, even worse when he was expecting something more or more interesting from you, well, certainly not a bottle of eau de cologne.
  • “Courageous” attributes: expensive and reliable lighter in combination with a hunting knife (not everyone likes!); a purse (perhaps everyone will like it, especially from genuine leather)
  • Objects of “art”: the boat in the bottle is very beautiful, but not everyone puts this miracle on the shelf; wooden mug with hand-painted – for an amateur; connoisseurs of paintings even less.
  • To a collector: rare coins, stamps, a beautiful and expensive album for storing the whole of this collection (also preferably from genuine leather), a rare gun, rare musical records or a player for them (the old one probably hasn’t played for a long time, although where will you get this? , on the “flea markets” on the Internet, there are generally a lot of things …)
  • From jewelry universal option – the chain. Not everyone is wearing a ring; even less often you can meet a man with an earring in his ear (although this is a frequent occurrence among young people).
  • What to give a loved one a birthday from the original gifts? Anything with humor: any trinket will do, if only with a “funny” picture and inscription. Or exclusive (see paragraphs 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7).
  • The best gift is still a book? This is unlikely, although there are men who are enthusiastically collecting and carefully storing entire collectible editions of books (no matter what, everyone has their own interests). If you are one of those, you’re lucky – find a book that is about to come out in the same series, but he has not yet had time to buy it. Deprive him of his money so that he does not overtake you …
  • Clothes: T-shirts, T-shirts, shirts, ties, but not socks!
  • You can donate something made with your own hands (but he is unlikely to appreciate the exception – ardent admirers of his chosen ones): his portrait, knitted scarf, hat and gloves, computer presentation about him (you can order a song, which he loves very much) clay dishes…

And what not?

  • Deodorant, soap, shampoo, foot cream and other accessories of typical gift sets on the shelves of supermarkets – in no case give! Everyone will take it as a hint: think about body hygiene.
  • Yourself “Favorite, I bought underwear to make you a gift” – in any case! It’s the same in all the jokes … His birthday should not go without a gift for “His Majesty” and underwear is an added bonus, but not “the main prize”!
  • Much cannot be given because of “bad omens”, for example, daggers and other melee weapons are believed to lead to discord … But in this regard, each girl decides for herself, to observe signs or donate what she likes so much.

You are still asking those around you what to give to your beloved for your birthday? Why not ask him? … Let the evening be a surprise for you, and for a gift it’s better to do without a surprise.