Several couples opt for surrogacy when they face various problems in conceiving a child naturally. Surrogacy is one of the alternative ways to have a child. As the advancement of science and technology has increased, people’s urge of making impossible work possible has also increased. Thus the couples struggling with infertility or more accurately subfertility decide to have a child by finding a surrogate. Surrogacy is the method of reproduction where a woman (a surrogate) agrees to carry a child for an individual or for a couple who will be the parent(s) after the birth of that child. This process of reproduction requires a legal agreement.

To find a surrogate, the infertility couples must take help of the best surrogacy hospital in Delhi. In the hospital, a couple can get qualified surrogates who can meet their needs. Sometimes a known person (family member, friend, and neighbor) offers to be a surrogate mother. This naturally reduces the cost of surrogacy.

There are many reasons for finding a surrogate mother.

  • Infertility of a couple. Infertility is one of the important reasons for a couple to opt for surrogacy. There are various reasons for infertility, for example, low sperm count, endometriosis, bilateral tubal blockage, ovarian failure, unexplained infertility, and polycystic ovarian syndrome, etc. A woman who had gone through a surgery for an ectopic pregnancy can also face infertility problems. When the couple finds that it is difficult to conceive naturally, they opt for surrogacy. They need to take the help of the specialist doctor and go to the surrogacy hospital in Delhi.
  • Uterine anomalies. Various uterine defects like uterine anomalies are another cause of infertility. Uterine anomalies refer to the defects related to the uterus or abnormal development of the uterus. In such a condition, women often fail to conceive. Hence, couples opt for a surrogate in surrogacy a home in Delhi.
  • Recurrent IVF failure. The success of the IVF treatment or IVF cycle sometimes depends on the quality of the embryos. Few cases are there where embryos fail to implant even after transferring them to the uterus. So when a couple finds that IVF fails to work, they go for surrogacy.
  • Age of a woman. It is sometimes difficult for a woman to conceive when she has crossed the age of 35 years. Thus most women at this age think about surrogacy to have a child.
  • Same-sex couples. It is not possible for a same-sex couple to conceive naturally. So they need to search for a surrogate when they decide to have a child and to extend the family.
  • Single parent. Sometimes a single individual decides to have a baby. But because of the inability to conceive or to carry the full pregnancy, the individual requires a surrogate mother.

A person or a couple looks for a healthy surrogate mother who can carry a baby to full term. The surrogacy hospital in Delhi arranges pre-health checkups for the surrogate mothers.