Arturo Elias Ayub Networth Shark Tank Mexico

Arturo Elias Ayub Networth Shark Tank Mexico


Arturo Elías Ayub is supposed to be one of the most charismatic and well-known businessmen in Mexico. He is also the son-in-law of the richest man in the country.

Elías Ayub has taken part in the well-known reality television show Shark Tank alongside other businessmen like Carlos Bremer, Patricia Armendáriz and Rodrigo Herrera Aspra.

This 57-year-old Mexican businessman, philanthropist and investor was born on 27 April 1966 in Puebla, Mexico. He is nearly 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 84 Kg approximately.

Elías Ayub is mainly popular for his diverse roles and accomplishments. He has a remarkable net worth of $1.8 billion. He is best known for establishing Grupo Hermes and working as the Chairman of Fundacion Telmex.

Moreover, he is also the President of Tecnologico de Monterrey and a vigorous investor in different sectors.

Understanding Ayub’s net worth is not just about fulfilling economic interests. It shows a window into the life of a successful manager who has learned the art of strategic business partnerships and generosity. From navigating the shark tank to enticing investors, his story is one of remarkable success.

In this article, we are going to cover everything you need to know about Arturo Elías Ayub, from his humble beginnings to his rise as an international business leader.

So, if you are an aspiring entrepreneur or a business executive captivated by the economic success of others in the business world, keep reading this article to unravel the mystery that is Arturo Elías Ayub, the shark.

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The Networth Of Arturo Elías Ayub

This is one of the most important questions that most people ask about Arturo Elías Ayub and although they always end up answering it on other pages with “I don’t know” or “it depends” if there are some estimates that various web portals mention.

However, it is not possible to make an accurate calculation of the wealth of this great star. But he is very talented and he is among the great figures of international show business.

Without a doubt, the career of this great star Arturo Elías Ayub will continue to rise and we will be careful of everything that occurs around him. Here is a brief idea about the net worth of Arturo Elías Ayub: 

  • 2019: In 2019 he had an approximate net worth of $6 to 7 billion.
  • 2020: In 2020 he had an approximate net worth of $7.5 to 8 billion.
  • 2021: In 2021 he had an approximate net worth of $8 to 9 billion.
  • 2022: In 2022 he had an approximate net worth of $9 to 10 billion.
  • 2023: In 2023 he had an approximate net worth of $10 to 15 billion.

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Arturo Elías Ayub: A Born Entrepreneur

Arturo Elías Ayub does not think that he has the skill to negotiate in his blood, nor does he think that it is hereditary. For him, what affects is the place where one was born and how one was educated. Traders in Centro or Tepito may be influencing their children’s fortune by engaging them in business daily.

Elías Ayub’s father had a company in the Historic Center. That is why he thinks that, having grown up in the negotiation atmosphere, he ended up deciding to formulate the skills that he discovered alongside his family.

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Who is Arturo Elías Ayub?

Arturo Elías Ayub was born on 27 April 1966  in Mexico and is of Lebanese descent, like Carlos Slim. Arturo belongs to Alfredo Elías and Silvia Ayub. His parents have a uniform store in the Historic Center of Mexico City. This encouraged Arturo since his childhood and inspired him to explore the business world.

Arturo Elias Ayub is a multifaceted Mexican businessman. He is the son-in-law of a billionaire named  Carlos Slim. He has also invested in sports (Club Pumas) and media (Shark Tank Mexico). He is supposed to be a powerful businessman with a social conscience.

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Arturo Elias Ayub: Personal Life

In his personal life, Arturo is married to Johanna Slim de Ayub and they have a family with siblings Mariana, Laura, and Arturo Jr. He was born to Arturo Elías Calles and Norma Ayub.

Academically, Arturo has obtained a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Anahuac University. With a Catholic belief, he retains a substantial presence on social media, particularly on Instagram under the username Arturo Elias.

Ayub’s contributions span business, philanthropy, and investments, making him a prominent figure in the Mexican and international arena.

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Arturo Elías Ayub: Educational Background

Arturo completed his education with a Bachelor of Business Administration from Anahuac University and later he completed a postgraduate course in Business Management at IPADE.

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Arturo Elías Ayub:  Family Details

Arturo is married to Johanna Slim, the daughter of Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim. They are blessed with three children Johanna Ayub, Alejandro Ayub, and Arturo Ayub. He affectionately calls them “Chilaquil”. Arturo is also close to his parents and siblings. Unfortunately, his mother died in 2022.

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How Old Is Arturo Elías Ayub?

Arturo Elias Ayub is a 57-year-old Mexican businessman, investor, and philanthropist. He was born in Puebla, Mexico on April 27, 1966.

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Beginnings In The Life Of Arturo Elías Ayub

The now-renowned businessman Arturo Elías Ayub was born in Mexico on April 27, 1966. He was the younger brother of Alfredo Elías Ayub. So, he always knew that he wanted to devote himself to something that had to do with the economy due to the record of his family, which is why When the time came to choose what he would study, he opted for a degree in Business Administration at the Anahuac University and after this, he studied a postgraduate degree in Senior Business Management at IPADE to reaffirm his proficiency.

Presently besides being a successful businessman,  Arturo Elías Ayub became a celebrity in Mexican television and entertainment without having thought or imagined it after having participated in the successful series Shark Tank Mexico.

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Personal Life To Professional Life

Arturo Elías Ayub met Johanna Slim Domit, the youngest daughter of Carlos Slim, in 1995. In 2001 he was declared the president of the Pumas Club of the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

In 2005 he held the presidency of Fundación Telmex. He is now the director of Strategic and Content Alliances for América Móvil, general director of the Telmex Telcel Foundation and director of Uno TV and Claro Sports.

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A Brief Trajectory And History of Arturo Elías Ayub

After completing his professional studies, Arturo Elías Ayub joined TELMEX where he played the role of General Director in 1996. Later, he was elected as the President of the Board of Trustees of the National University Club due to his great knowledge and good performance.

During his management, he managed to have two two-time championships during the 2004 closing and 2004 opening tournaments, but although he did quite well, he did not want to proceed with the sports world and did not want to be reelected.

Later, more projects and positions would arrive that placed him as one of the great Mexican businessmen and one of the most important in all of Latin America, becoming  Arturo Elías Ayub a member of the Board of Directors of Grupo Carso, Grupo Financiero Inbursa, América Móvil and Telmex, was also General Director of Fundación TELMEX Telcel and President of the Telmex Sports Institute.

In June 2016, one of the most successful programs on television began and despite the appearance of new technologies, it managed to find itself as a show with very good audience levels, Shark Tank: Negociando con tiburones, which had its first season documented in Mexico.

In the Shark Tank program, different entrepreneurs come up before a panel of investors or sharks to sell their ideas for which they need a little monetary investment to make their projects gain resilience and succeed in their business but first, they have to negotiate with the sharks because sometimes they ask for something in return for investing their money.

Although initially Shark Tank Mexico was only broadcast on the Sony channel, in 2019 it started to be broadcast on open television.

Throughout the various seasons of Shark Tank Mexico, the panel has been made up of various ” sharks ” such as Rodrigo Herrera Aspra, Carlos Bremer, and Arturo Elías Ayub who have been part of the project since the first season, but some others such as Patricia Armendáriz, Marcus Dantus and Luis Harvey have been on various seasons and not always coming back for another one.

Every success brings great criticism and recently the acclaimed magazine Proceso made a report in which it uncovered a possible forgery on Shark Tank Mexico, considering it a program full of lies, since they ensured that several of the “winners” after finishing the recording of his chapter were waiting for the economic resources and the promised contacts; while defaulting magnates enhanced their image to make themselves known as true philanthropists.

In addition, the same magazine managed to contact many of the participants who in the program had managed to gain the acceptance of the well-known “sharks” and get their supposed economic support, but after the program they did not hear from them again or they were long-suffering and ultimately the entrepreneurs they got tired of waiting and gave up waiting for the promised support.

On the other hand, research by the producer of a podcast in the United States, Tj Hale, demonstrated that up to two-thirds of Shark Tank winners never obtain the resources pledged to them before the cameras.

Arturo Elias Ayub presently continues to hold many important roles in Mexico as General Director of Uno TV, which is considered one of the most important news portals in the Aztec country, he is also General Director of the Claro Sports channel and Marca Claro, the leading sports portal in Latin America. In the middle of 2020, Arturo Elías Ayub was assigned as the director of the industrial and food conglomerate Grupo KUO.

At the end of 2020, Arturo Elías Ayub started to earn relevance in Mexican popular culture when one of his photos and phrases became a meme. Arturo Elías Ayub became famous for the phrase “I’m out” used to reject any proposal outright or idea and that began to be used a lot in various social networks, particularly on Facebook and Twitter.

After the pandemic that hit the entire world particularly Mexico, the famous businessman Arturo Elías Ayub remarked that he felt that the future of the Mexican economy was in the hands of the youngest since they would have the duty of getting Mexico out of the lag.

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Arturo Elías Ayub: Profession

Just after finishing his studies, Arturo joined a Mexican media communications organization called “Telemex” as a guide to the overall directorate in 1996. He was then elevated to leader of the Leading group of Legal administrators of the Club Universidad Nacional.

While dealing with the club, Arturo helped the group with bringing home two titles in 2004. The next year, he would not get reappointed and filled in as an administration part. In 2014, he worked shortly with Club Leon.

After that, Arturo made his TV debut as a shark on the Sony Pictures game show “Shark Tank México,” which was widely applauded and, surprisingly, won the PRODU Grants.

He is now a board individual from Grupo Carso, Financiero Inbursa, America Movil, and Telmex, and an overseer of Fundación TELMEX Telcel, Uno television, and Claro Sports.

Besides this, Arturo is a virtual entertainment character who has amassed a huge fan following on Instagram and YouTube. Again, he has a self-named YouTube channel, where he always shares recordings related to his way of life, travel, experience, and business.

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Arturo Elías Ayub: Philanthropy and Social Initiatives:

Arturo Elías Ayub is widely remembered for his philanthropic initiatives. He has been involved in multiple social projects and charitable activities aimed at addressing different issues in Mexican society.

His endeavours often stress education, healthcare, and poverty alleviation. One notable project is the Telmex Foundation, through which he has endorsed educational programs, scholarships, and technological advancements in schools.

Additionally, he has been involved in campaigns and projects that sought to improve healthcare services and access to medical facilities in marginalized neighbourhoods.

Arturo Elías Ayub: Media Presence and Advocacy:

Besides his corporate and philanthropic initiatives, Arturo Elías Ayub is popular for his media presence. He has been a commentator on various television and radio programs, sharing insights on business, technology, and social issues. His public appearances often contemplate his obligation to social responsibility and the potential of technology to push positive change.

How Did Arturo Elías Ayub Become Rich?

Arturo’s parents, Alfredo and Silvia, had a textile uniform factory in the Historic Center of Mexico City. This made Arturo, from his childhood, curious about business. When he left school, he went to the factory to work. Alfredo, his brother 16 years older than him, was general director of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE).

The future shark was already accompanying his parents to purchase wholesale stationery products when he was only seven years old. The products were then resold at his school.

Final Opinion

Arturo Elías Ayub stands as a multifaceted person, making substantial contributions to the business world as well as society at large. His function in shaping the telecommunications landscape in Mexico, associated with his philanthropic endeavours, highlights his devotion to promoting positive change and creating opportunities for those in need. As he continues to navigate the dynamic realms of business and social impact, Arturo Elías Ayub sticks around a key figure in Mexico’s modern landscape.


How much is Arturo Elías Ayub’s Net Worth?

The approximate net worth of Arturo Elias Ayub is $1.8 billion.

Who is Arturo Elías Ayub?

Arturo Elias Ayub is a multifaceted Mexican businessman. He is the son-in-law of the billionaire Carlos Slim and directs Telmex’s strategic alliances and philanthropic efforts through the Telmex Foundation.

What is the age of Arturo Elías Ayub?

Arturo Elias Ayub was born on 27 April 1966. So as of 2024, he is 57 years old.

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