Whether you are using Toro golf course mowers or any other golf course equipment from any other maker, these are high-tech equipment you probably cannot manage of your own. The premium turf conditioning golfers are demanding can be achieved only when you are using high-tech equipment and there should be someone who knows how to manage these golf course equipment. More staff is required to assist the superintendent. This is the reason why most of the golf courses are hiring equipment managers, irrigation and equipment technicians, and pest managers, and several other professionals.

Tasks a turf equipment manager performs can add value to the golf course. In this article, we will see the role a turf equipment manager can play to add value to your golf course.

Role Of Turf Equipment Manager In Turf Health And Conditioning

It is important to maintain a certain level of uniformity, speed, firmness, color and other aspects to maintain the expected playability. A well-maintained course is the real asset. This is what adds the real value. You are likely to spend more than $1 million if you want to have every single turf maintenance equipment in your fleet. It takes knowledge, skills and experience to manage and maintain this fleet. Blades of the mower should be evenly sharpened and the height should be adjusted properly. Poor mower adjustments can decrease turf quality and give a frayed appearance. This can even make your turf more susceptible to diseases. So, you will be spending more on the treatment and maintenance of the turf.

Role Of Turf Equipment Manager In Equipment Care

Keeping your Toro golf course mowers or any other golf course equipment in the best shape and getting them repaired are the key responsibilities of the turf equipment manager. A good turf equipment manager always appreciates his essential role. He has the wealth of knowledge required to handle the maintenance and repair of every single equipment you need for the maintenance of your golf course. Obviously, the turf equipment manager cannot repair every equipment on his own. There are a few technicians working under the guidance of the manager.

However, the manager has better knowledge and understanding of electrical principles, basic engine and other technical aspects. The manager plans and implements preventive maintenance practices to make sure that the equipment functions properly. These practices can prevent equipment damages, extend the life of the equipment and also increase worker safety. This also reduces equipment repair and maintenance costs.       

Role Of Turf Equipment Manager In Cost Saving

Even when you lease Toro golf course mowers, aerators, and other golf course equipment, turf equipment manager can help you in saving money. You can lease more by paying less. The amount you need to pay depends on factors like how well the equipment is maintained. The equipment manager can help you in determining the right amount you should pay. The manager can also determine whether buying used equipment is a better option than leasing or not. Similarly, when you are buying used or new golf course equipment, the manager can check the operating condition of the equipment and determine the right cost. A well-experienced turf equipment manager can save money on purchases, repair and maintenance.

Role Of Turf Equipment Manager In Facility Maintenance

Golf course maintenance facilities are not barns anymore. In addition to providing ample space for your golf course equipment, there are dedicated areas for offices, training, irrigation computer control, bathrooms, lockers, pesticide storage and other amenities. The turf equipment manager keeps the facility well-organized and maintained.

When you are hiring a turf equipment manager for your golf course, make sure that the manager has the following qualities:

  • Skills and knowledge required for the repair and maintenance of Toro golf course mowers and other turf equipment.
  • Proficiency in computer
  • Innovative
  • Organized
  • Team builder
  • Capable of working independently
  • Problem solving skills