What are truck management terms? Every field has its own exclusive terms, and the fleet industry is no exemption. Fleet managers and drivers must stay updated on industry jargon to remain at the top of their industry.

Here is a list of some common truck management terms.


IFTA stands for International Fuel Tax Agreement. It is an agreement between Canada and the lower 48 states, excluding Hawaii, Alaska, and Canadian provinces. The intent of the contract is to abridge the reporting of fuel usage for firms that function in over one jurisdiction. There are exclusions to the agreement. For instance, some states have exceptions for government or farm vehicles. Thus, ensure to explore and understand what regulations apply to your truck.


A landmark is a virtual signboard which lets you point and swiftly figure out vital places such as your house, head office, or workplace on a virtual map. These unique sign boards can assist you in identifying where your drivers and vehicles are at a glance, making it simple to inspect your truck and bring enhanced services.

Preventive maintenance

It is termed as any servicing executed on a part of the equipment to reduce its failing chance. It covers things such as oil changes, vehicle check, and checking tire pressure. It is needed for the fleet manager and driver to execute routine preventive maintenance as it makes your fleet vehicles running for a longer period, lessens the probability of unnecessary collapse, decreases repairing costs and time, and increases efficiency and driver security. Get in touch with a truck breakdown service in Gainesville to increase the lifespan of your vehicle.

Moving violation

A moving violation happens when a traffic rule is violated while a vehicle is in motion, like jumping a traffic light, drunk driving, or speeding. As compared to a non-moving violation that takes place while vehicles are not in movement includes failing to attend to the damaged mechanism correctly or not noticing legitimate parking processes. Have a chat with professionals to know how to prevent truck accidents.


PTO stands for Power Take Off; it refers to any of numerous ways utilized for running power from a power source like running an engine. Fundamentally, PTO lets devices pull energy from a vehicle’s engine and is used to run a connected instrument or machine like a winch, mechanical arm, or water pump.  Contact the nearest truck breakdown service in Gainesville in case of a sudden breakdown.