Chevrolet being a popular name in the car industry couldn’t stay behind when it came to electric vehicles. Like many other car companies they care about the world and environment. Hence, they manufactured the car Bolt EV. Its 2020 version is something you should check out from Clopton Chevrolet dealer if you are interested in buying an electronic vehicle.

Having questions about the new car is understandable which is why this article shines light on specifications and more of this car. Have a look and then decide for yourself, whether it is something you need to buy.

New aspect of 2020 version

One of the new features of this version is that the driving range is massively increased from previous versions. Earlier, Bolt EV would offer 238 miles driving when it was completely charged. The 2020 version is expected to offer 259 miles in its place by people at EPA.

Moreover, the all-electric extended driving range makes it better than its competitors in electric vehicles category. Hence, currently it is the best electric vehicle to purchase which offers great mileage along with stunning design that will make others envy it.

Engine, performance, and transmission

This car’s electric motor offers instant response when accelerated along with vast low-end torque which would aids in scooting ahead when a signal light turns green. However, response is less immediate when driving on highway, but Bolt EV will easily help in passing people as it offers ample speed still.

Furthermore, with vast power and composed ride, this car can challenge people who have misconceptions about electronic vehicles. Also, it offers a smooth ride for driver and passengers without introducing any harsh impact into cabin.

In addition, steering is quite quick and accurate and brake system offers stopping power which is above average. Also, its regenerative braking system which recharges battery when lifting leg off accelerator, it means one can drive this car in different scenarios without touching brake pedal.

Cost and models

The base model is LT which is priced at $38,000 approximately. Premier is the fancier model in which a lot of upgraded features will be involved such as additional USB ports, Bose audio system, wireless mobile charging, etc. It is expected to be priced at $41,895 approx.

Apart from these, other Premier exclusive content will include leather seats, ambient lighting for interior, heated seats, and more. Moreover, it will have Driver Confidence system like rear traffic crossing alert, monitoring blind spot, sensors for rear parking, etc. For more details visit a Clopton Chevrolet dealership.

Battery life and charging

As it is mentioned before, that the estimated range for the 220 version will be 259 miles, it will take about 9 hours’ time from 240 volt outlet to fully charge that will offer that mileage. Howeve4r, its fast charging option will help one to travel 90 miles by simply charging it for 30 minutes if a charging station of level 3 is used.

The 259 miles range is double than what its competitors provide currently. The only EV which offers more mileage is Tesla Model 3; however, it is priced much higher than the Bolt EV which makes this car much more convenient for all.

So, get yours Bolt EV 2020 today!