Beddley NetWorth After Shark Tank

Beddley NetWorth After Shark Tank


Unlike others, Lola Ogden had to face a lot of challenges to put on duvet covers.  She then introduced Beddley. This is a duvet cover with 3 sides open with zippers for which the users may use this easily without any hassle. It is true that when she represented the product on the Shark Tank show she did not manage to get a deal. But as of 2023, Beddley’s net worth is nearly $4 million.

In this article, we are going to uncover every single detail about Beddley. So, let’s dive in without wasting any more time.

Beddley’s net worth in 2023

Beddley duvet covers net worth is $4 million. But we have not got any net worth updates of Beddley for 2023.

How is Beddley doing now?

Beddley is a 3-zipper duvet cover with a patent that is doing very nicely now. You may buy these beddley duvet covers from their website. The company operates in the USA and ships products all across the globe. Now, the company has three categories of products:

  • Classic plus Collection
  • White Collection
  • Grace Collection

They have declared on social media that their products are the easiest duvet covers all over the world. They have a lot of unique features like innovation, comfort, and effortlessness.

You may check their Facebook page, Instagram page, and Pinterest page to see how they are doing. There are many comments and reviews on these profiles which help people to learn more about Beddley after Shark Tank.

What is Beddley?

Beddley is an easily usable duvet cover that comes with 3-zipper technology. It also has corner ties that make the duvet cover perfectly fitted. The duvet covers are made up of 100% soft Egyptian cotton that is completely free of destructive chemicals.

Cosmopolitan rated Bedley as the 13th best duvet cover and as the most useful choice. Moreover, Elle Decor rated Beddley in the 12th position and accentuated its useful and creative zip technology.

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Who founded Beddley?

Lola Ogden founded Beddley. She is a serial businessman and a creator living in the Los Angeles Metropolitan area. After finishing her studies in Chemistry and Physics, Lola finished her MBA from Columbia Business School.

When she got frustrated at the time of making her bed and duvet in the morning she came up with the idea of creating Beddley. Lola began the company in September 2017.

Lola also founded GapEnder. This is a women’s shirt company that ensures that there are no gaps between the buttons. Lola is also the CEO of the company. But unfortunately, after the Covid-19 pandemic the company GapEnder is out of business.

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What occurred at the Shark Tank?

The founder took part in Shark Tank season 11 episode 18 with her company Beddley. She gave a vibrant demonstration at the Shark Tank pitch making a comparison between the conventional duvets and Beddley.

She appealed to the sharks for an investment of $150,000 for a 10% equity of the company. She also pleaded with the sharks not to consider her by her sales. As soon as the sharks heard that Beddley’s revenue was $28,000 in the previous year, they burst out into laughter.

The manufacturing cost of a Beddley duvet cover is $57, 50 and the selling price of a Beddley duvet cover is between $130 to $140.

The sharks were not satisfied with the prices but Lola said that she might bring down the cost. According to Lola, Beddley was available in two pop-up stores. But this did not impress the sharks.

According to Lori Grenier, this product is not perfect for making investments and after that, she left the show. Raymond John also left the show. Robert Herjavec was not sure where his money would go. Hence he also left.

Mark Cuban was not happy with the number of sales. So, he too left the show. Finally, Kevin O’Leary refused to invest in the company. Hence Lola failed to get a deal on Shark Tank.

Though Lola did not get a deal on Shark Tank, she started to develop her business with her effort by using her knowledge and experience.

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What happened after Shark Tank?

After leaving Shark Tank, Lola shared a video of Oprah Winfrey in 2020 who was struggling hard to put a duvet inside a cover asking if anyone finds it difficult to get a duvet inside a cover and if there is any way she was missing.

With the help of the video, Lola highlighted the pinpoint everyone encountered and said the method was none other than Beddley. You do not need to wrestle with your duvet cover if you use Beddley.

From then on the company won a lot of hearts and the Shark Tank episode triggered their success.

When the covid 19 pandemic broke out in 2020, Belly began to produce protective face masks. At that time their duvets were nearly out of stock. However, in November 2021, she began to sell products again on a pre-order basis for the orders that happened around Christmas. The usual sakes of the business returned in February 2022.

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Beddley review

Beddley duvet cover reviews were relatively positive. There was a Beddley duvet review

in 2023 that disclosed that they were able to put the duvet cover within only 5 minutes. In other Beddley duvet cover reviews it was mentioned that they were able to discover the product after the Shark Tank episode. While giving Beddley reviews, a lot of customers called it super easy. 

According to the Sleep Foundation, the quality of the product is awesome. The features of the product like temperature regulation, durability, and comfort are outstanding. They also added that it is a perfect choice for budget-conscious people.

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Who are the competitors of the company?

A few competitors of Beddley are Boll & Branch, Brooklinen, Parachute, and Casper. But Beddley was popular for having a duvet cover with a 3-sided zipper opening. That is why it has successfully stood out from the crowd.

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Is Beddley still in business?

Yes, Belledley is still in business and doing very well. After appearing on Shark Tank the company has developed incredibly and now it sells products in more than 1000 stores all over North America. The company also sells products online and ships them all over the world.

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Are there any unique features of Beddley?

Yes, Beddley provides a subscription service where consumers may get new linens every month. With the help of this service, it becomes easy for consumers to upgrade their bedding for which they do not need to shop around to get the best offers.

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Where will you find Beddley products?

Bradley sells its products in more than 1,000 stores all over North America. You may also buy them straight from their website.

What is the annual revenue of Beddley?

Beddlry has not revealed its annual income publicly. So, we do not know the exact Beddley revenue. But after they participated in Shark Tank, that growth as well as the sales of the company has increased a lot. 

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Did Beddley get a deal on Shark Tank?

No, Beddley did not get a deal on Shark Tank. But the sharks admired the product. They were not satisfied with the sales figures and marketing strategies of the product. So, they did not think that it was worthy of investment.

How much is Beddley worth?

Before appearing on Shark Tank the valuation of the business was nearly $1.5 million. As of 2023, Beddley Shark Tank’s net worth is $4 million.

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Are Beddley products high quality?

Yes, Beddley covers are high quality. They are made up of premium materials and designed beautifully. The company manufactures the best hotel-quality sheets, pillows, comforters, and many more. The company also tries to develop its products by using consumer feedback.

Does Beddley offer any discounts?

Yes, you may get discounts if you sign up for the subscription services of Beddley. They also provide discounts on some select products at some particular time of the year. You may learn more about their recent offers on their website.

What are the advantages of using Beddley’s products?

Beddley only manufactures the kind of products that look beautiful and comfortable. You may sign up for their subscription service to obtain new bedding daily. The company also helps customers whenever they face any problem or have any queries.

The company is striving its best to manufacture better products and provide good service to consumers. The company became successful in the bedding industry after appearing on Shark Tank. They are popular for producing the best quality linens.

What sets Beddley apart from other bedding companies?

Beddley is unique because it only manufactures the best quality products that are long-lasting and feel comfortable. The products are made up of the best materials. Moreover, you may soon up for their subscription service if you do not want to look for new linens each month.

Moreover, the company always provides the best possible customer service and will help you whenever you are in need or have any problems. That is why they are extraordinary from others.

What other products does Beddley offer?

Apart from bedding, there are also a lot of home decor products that are manufactured by the company. Some of them are comforters, duvet covers, mattress pads, pillowcases, sheets, throws, blankets, and rugs.

The company also sells home accessories like throws, pillows, curtains, and wall accents. They make every product with the same care and attention just like their linens. 

How has Beddley changed since appearing on Shark Tank?

After appearing on Shark Tank, the sales as well as the growth of Beddley have increased incredibly. The products of Beddley are now available in more than 1,000 stores all over North America. It has now become a prosperous bedding industry and a famous brand though they did not get a deal from the sharks.

How will you contact Beddley?

You may contact Headley through mail, phone, or live chat. You will get the contact details by visiting their website. Moreover, to know the latest updates and special offers you may follow them on social media.

Why should you select Beddley for your bedding needs?

If you choose Beddley for your bedding requirements it will be very useful for you. They provide the best quality products with the best materials. They also offer outstanding consumer service. So, if you face any problem or query you may contact them.

Moreover, if you sign up for the subscription plan you do not need to bother about buying linens every month. That is why it will be a wise decision for you if you choose Beddley.

Does Beddley have a return policy?

Yes, Beddley offers a simple return policy. In case you are not happy with your purchase you may contact them within 60 days from the date of delivery to receive a full refund or exchange.

For this you just have to give your proof of purchase and the product must be original in condition. The consumers have to take responsibility for the return shipping cost.

Do Beddley products come with a care guide?

Yes, Beddley products always come with a useful care manual that depicts how to clean and care for your wedding in the best possible way to make them long-lasting. The company also gives useful tips on its website to help customers keep their linens in the best condition.


Beddley no doubt came up as a blessing to a lot of users. By introducing the duvet cover they helped people to save their time. Though they did not get a deal from the sharks, the founder of the company strives her best to make the business successful with her effort.

From their starting on Shark Tank to their present status as a thriving business, they have proved that nothing is impossible if you apply the right idea and execute it properly.


What is Beddley?

Beddley is a unique duvet cover that comes with three sides of open zippers. There are also corner ties in it so that the duvet may perfectly fit the cover. Lola Ogden invented Beddley. She is from the USA.

Why do we use a duvet cover?

A duvet cover is an outstanding way to add style and comfort to your linens.

Are there any other identical firms to Beddley?

Several companies make products like Beddley. Some of them are West Elm, The Company Store, and Buffy. They also provide high-quality linens at affordable prices. But they do not give the exact customer service and guarantee like Beddley.

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