Bee D'vine NetWorth After Shark Tank

Bee D’vine NetWorth After Shark Tank


Bee D’vine Shark Tank Episode

Bee D’vine is a sustainable-manufactured, barrel-aged honey wine company. The company is from Sonoma Valley that took part in Shark Tank season 12 episode 5. Ayele Soloman founded Bee D’vine. After appearing on Shark Tank, the founder appealed to the sharks for an investment of $750,000 for an exchange of 20% share in his business.

After Shark Tank, the valuation of the company is about $3.7 million. The valuation is indeed very high. The Bee D’vine company managed to get the deal. At the time of appearing on the Shark Tank show, the valuation of the company was $1.8 million.

There are a lot of people who begin their day with wine. Wine is very popular. People like to drink wine at any time of the day.

We have come to know the popularity of wine from the report in 2020 that disclosed that the worldwide valuation of this market is supposed to be $417.85 billion.

Everyone, from old age to young age, loves to drink wine. As per the report of Fortune Business Insights, over 50% of the wine market is located in European nations. From the wine business in Europe, 205.94 billion is generated globally.

The largest wine export nations are Spain, Italy, Chile, France, and Australia. The largest wine import nations are the United Kingdom, Russia, Germany, China, and the United States.

The most popular type of wine is red wine which is very good for health and helps to solve various health issues like blood sugar, cholesterol, cancer, etc.

Among the various types of wine, honey wine is also very popular.  A lot of people from various nations like to drink wine. The largest honey wine-drinking country is Ethiopia.

The other name of honey wine is mead which is prepared by alcoholic beverages. Then honey and water are mixed with it along with a few components like spices, fruits, hops, or grains. This technique helped to make Bee D’vine.

A short overview of Bee D’vine

Bee D’vine is a sustainable-manufactured, barrel-aged honey wine company. The company is from Sonoma Valley. The Bee D’vine wine contains two primary components: honey and spring water; everything is regionally obtained in California.

The Honey Wine Company produces Bee D’vine and produces two types of honey wine: Brut (dry) and Demi-Sec (semi-sweet). Bee D’vine also contains sparkling honey wine and grape wine.

The Bee D’vine honey wine is different from others because the wine is aged for at least 15 months before launching to be sold. Two ingredients are used to make B D’vine honey wine. They are local honey from Sonoma and sparkling water. This is free of tannin and prices a cleaner finish than grape wine.

A part of the sales of Bee D’vine goes to the Kafa community in Ethiopia to help people shift to contemporary beehives which would enable them to make more honey. For the Kafa community more honey means more revenue for the survival and to assist save Kafa forests.

Who founded Bee D’vine?

Ayele Solomon is a native of Ethiopia and an inhabitant of the United States. He set up the Bee D’vine Honey Wine Company. He is also the CEO of the company.

Ayele came back to the United States before producing this product. When he was only 12 years old his family shifted to the Bay Area of California.

He then pursued a degree in Environmental Economics from the University of California, Berkeley. From Michigan State University he did natural science development. 

He had done an internship at the Environmental Protection Agency. He came back to Ethiopia to discuss developing and promoting possibilities for indigenous citizens of the Kafa rainforest. He received the idea of making this wine production from the rainforest.

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How did Bee D’vine begin?

Ayele Solomon was a conservationist who came from Ethiopia and wondered at the remaining Kafa rainforests of his homeland and became sad thinking about the deep threat of deforestation. At this time he first saw honey wine which is regionally called the.

Solomon came up with an idea to impede the rate of deforestation of the Kafa rainforest by making the trees more useful to the community. He saw that the local people were making honey wine by getting honey from the conventional hollow beehives on the trees. The regional wild honey bees utilized the nectar from the blossoms of the trees in the rainforest.

He introduced contemporary beekeeping processes to the Kafa community which increased the amount of honey production and improved the revenue of the community. This will make the trees more useful for honey production and they will not be cut down for making timber.

Solomon researched the conventional way of making honey wine and mixed it with the production of white wine back home in Sonoma Valley. By collecting holey regionally he supported the local beekeepers in California.

Solomon introduced Bee D’vine in 2014 and launched The Honey Wine Bar in December 2019 in San Francisco.

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Bee D’vine’s Pitch on Shark Tank

Ayele Solomon the founder of Bee D’vine appeared on Shark Tank intending to receive a $750,000 investment in return for a 20% stake in the company.

Solomon represented four types of Bee D’vine honey wine to the wine-loving sharks, Lori Grenier, Mark Cuban, Rigert Herjavec, Kevin O’Leary, and guest shark Daniel Lubetzky.

After testing the four samples, the sharks fall in love with the Bee D’vine wines. They also praised Solomon for his effort to save the bees by using locally-produced honey and for contributing to the Kafa community in Ethiopia to assist them in transforming to contemporary beekeeping processes.

But the gossip ceased a little for the sharks as soon as they heard the numbers from Solomon. Solomon said that he has only managed to earn $400,000 in sales in the past six years from the date of its launch. The good part is that $115,000 of sales has come from the past 12 months which implies that the company is walking on the right path.

Simon told the shares that it costs $5.93 to make each bottle and the retail price of each bottle is $39.95. The sharks said that this is the key issue.

Shark Kevin O’Leary said that 97% of wine bought in the United States is below $14 for each bottle. He also added that Solomon has two significant issues: bringing customers to test the product and breaching the $14 mark.

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What occurred to Bee D’vine on Shark Tank?

Ayele Solomon, the founder of Bee D’vine represented his brand in a simple way towards the shares and appealed to the sharks to make an investment of $750,000 in exchange for a 20% share of his company.

He said that his product is unique from other wines. He also informed the sharks about the ingredients used in the wine.

As soon as the sharks tested the B D’vine wine they loved the wine very much. The Sharks also applauded the creator for the taste of this Bee D’vine wine.

As soon as Robert inquired Solomon about the cost of this Bee D’vine wine, he said that he retails this non-sparkling for $39 and sparkling for $49.

The company has managed to generate $400,000 in sales in 6 years from the date of its launch. As of 2019, he managed to generate $115,000 in sales in 12 months.

When Solomon started this company he invested $600,000 from himself, his family, and several friends.

Mark remarked that the price of Bee D’vine honey wine is relatively high. So, people will not be interested in purchasing it and that is why no one will be able to have a test of it. And if this happens, it will be impossible for the company to grow.

According to Kevin the cost of 97% of the wine sold in America is below $14. It takes $5.93 to make a bottle of Bee D’vine wine but Ayele sells it at a very high price. According to Solomon, he applies a classical technique for small volume high profit.

According to Robert, the biggest issue with the product is that people will not be able to test it because it is very expensive.

Lori then gave a proposal to the creator, Ayele Solomon. Lori said that the four sharks Mark, Robert, and Daniel will invest $750,000 in exchange for a 40% share of the company.

The founder accepted the proposal and made a deal with 4 sharks.

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What occurred to Bee D’vine after Shark Tank?

As soon as the company received the deal from Shark Tank, its sales started to grow incredibly. The founder has told on the Shark Stage that the test of the Bee D’vine wine is very good. People started to buy this product to test it.

After several weeks of airing the Shark Tank episode, a million cost of Bee D’vine wine bottles were sold in the business. The company has also made several modifications to the cost of the wine. At present, two wines that come in Berele T’ej Flask are priced at $10 and the price of Wancha (grape wine) Chardonnay is $28.

Bee D’vine has introduced the subscription model in which they provide a $25 flat rate along with free shipping and complementary two glasses.

As soon as the Shark Tank episode was released there were a lot of sales that their stakes were drained, their stakes came back in March 2022. The founder celebrated his 8th year in business in May 2022.

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Did Bee D’vine obtain a deal on Shark Tank?

The founder of Bee D’vine, Ayele Solomon received an outstanding deal from the four sharks while he took part in Shark Tank season 12. After hesitating for a moment, the founder acknowledged the proposal of $750,000 in return for a 40% stake from the four sharks.

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Bee D’vine shark tank update

Most people want to know about Bee D’vine honey wine shark tank updates. Here is a honey wine shark tank update for them.

As soon as the company managed to get an investment in Shark Tank the sales of the company grew in incredible amounts.

The cost of the wine of this company is indeed costlier than the other wines but it is the taste of the Bee D’vine wines that attract the customers. As soon as the Bee D’vine honey wine shark tank episode was aired, Bee D’vine wine became out of stock and the stock was restored in April 2022.

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Is Bee D’vine still in business?

Yes, Bee D’vine is still in business. It is loaded with orders. As per these social media channels on Facebook and Instagram, the Bee D’vine crew is striving their best to execute Shark Tank, Valentine, and holiday orders.

Though most of their wines are now out of stock, thirsty consumers may still order the wines that are available on the official website of  Bee D’vine.

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What is the net worth of Bee D’vine now?

Bee D’vine’s net worth before the Shark Tank was $1.88 million. After that, the four sharks agreed to make a partnership together and incest $750,000 for an exchange of 40% equity in the company.

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What is the net worth of the owner of Bee D’vine?

The net worth of the founder of Bee D’vine, Ayele Solomon is about $2 million.


Bee D’vine is not a wine, it is not mead. It is Bee D’vine Honey Wine. There is no doubt that such Bee D’vine wines are an outstanding drink to have for a perfect date night, a last afternoon movie session, or a fine dinner.

Real honey wine is always made solely from honey. Bee D’vine makes real honey wine.

Ayele Solomon taught us that being a businessman, you should not only focus on earning more money but also focus on helping others and understanding environmental problems.

Due to the environmental initiative and the amazing taste of the Bee D’vine wines the sharks agreed to invest in the company although the sales of the company were not up to the mark. The sharks considered the long-term possibility of the company. So, it will not be surprising for us if people all over the globe get attracted to the Bee D’vine honey wine shortly.


Who are the opponents of Bee D’vine Honey Wine?

Honey wine is a unique product available in the market. It is a mixture of wine and several healthy components which is good for health. The components are readily obtainable in the market. Therefore it has a lot of adversaries including:
Etowah Meadery
Humble Bee Wines
BeeCraft Mead Company
Wild Blossom Meadery

What are the positive aspects of Bee D’vine honey wine?

The positive aspects of Bee D’vine honey wine are as follows:
They are all-natural.
They are full of flavors.
They are made with pure honey.
They contain low amounts of alcohol.

Does Bee D’Vine wine contain alcohol?

Bee D’vine wines contain less than 150 calories each glass and they have 11.5% to 12.5% alcohol. So, they are made from real honey and some healthy components. Hence, they are good for health.

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