Alejandro Mendieta Blanco (Alex) won what most finance managers couldn’t imagine anything better than to bring to their prize room at 24 years old. Grant to the business person of the year. After ten years, we return to his account of high points and low points and where he is currently.

The life of an entrepreneur

Alex Mendieta is not an alien to harsh occasions, with no cash, no English, and no one understanding his battle and insane measure of difficult work paying off, moving to Australia alone at just 16. “By and by, when magazine met as placed in his own words, “I wouldn’t change a great time for something, it made me no-nonsense and keen to what I have now,” he proceeds to state, “presently days when I have some significant test either throughout everyday life or in industry, everything I do is remind me about those minutes and let me realize that I have no main problems with them.’

We are generally very much aware of those kids who experience childhood in their mouths with the silver spoon or guardians who are excessively cautious and air pocket wrap their youngsters wind up being just squandered with no longing or too panicked even think about taking any odds.

Success comes after lots of failures

This is incredibly valid for each one of the individuals who have picked the field of business. Everybody has some unacceptable thoughts these days of web-based media; all that is seen is the victory yet never the war. Sadly, this brings all the youthful pioneers who are simply starting some unacceptable impression, accepting that all style, quick vehicles, extravagance jets, and attractive models make it to the top. The truth, however, is a long way from that. The number 1 exchange we have found after watching business visionaries for more than a long time from varying backgrounds is the craving to dominate. At the point when things get troublesome, your determination is the thing that keeps us alive, and trust us that you will have a lot of difficult stretches on the way to progress.

Now, where’s Alex Mendieta?

10 years has transformed him, and he’s gone from all work and no amusing to getting a charge out of a flashy way of life over the top that others respect. In a new OK meeting named “Meeting with the Colombian Playboy,” Alex says how he chose a few years back that on the off chance that one didn’t adore life, there was no reason for bringing in this cash. “In his own words, “A few years prior… also, it struck me like a smack all over… I was truly affluent. However, I was hopeless. I went through the entirety of my short time on earth living! Also, he completely neglected to appreciate life. However, I returned to the planning phase and found that I couldn’t just buckle down, yet play hard too. However, I reworked my working hours to work 70 hours per week now but party off my butt and do heaps of charming fun stuff.