Unique Challenge Coins

Unique Challenge Coins are very special coins. It clarifies glory and pride. Many reputed organizations like the US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine, and Police departments use these challenge coins on their uniform. It signifies the brotherhood among the members. There are many characterizes of this challenge coin. Many companies are offering these kinds of challenge coins. Among them,, Chalengecoins4less.com is one of the famous entities in this industry. They are offering the best coins in the market.


There are many types of unique challenge coins. The following is information on various kinds of challenge coins.

  1. a) Military coins- Air force challenge coins, Army challenge coins, Navy challenge coins, Marine challenge coins, and Coast Guard challenge coins.
  2. b) Police coins.
  3. c) Fire Fighter coins.
  4. d) Corporate coins.
  5. e) Ceramic challenge coins.
  6. f) Masonic challenge coins.
  7. g) USN custom coins.
  8. h) Spartan challenge coins.
  9. i) Bottle opener challenge coins
  10. j) Spartan custom challenge coins


Challengecoins4less.com is one of the well-known names in this industry that are offering the best unique challenge coins to their clients. They are giving the best service to their clients. Their motto is to offer the best products and the best quality at the best price. They also offer attractive design. They also welcome it if the client provides them the design.

Service Features

1) They are very professional. So, they provide a very easy order system and policy to the clients. You can submit your design idea and important information about your order. There is no obligation if you ask for a free quote from them.

2) After receiving your design and quote and all the valuable information they will inform you via email about the order confirmation. You can change your design idea or give them for revision. They don’t charge for that. They are free to do any number of revisions if the client needs them.

3) After getting your design approval and order quantity they will start manufacturing the order at their warehouse. After the production, they will ship you the order within 14 days.

4) They offer you the quality best products and the best affordable price. They don’t charge a high price to them. They are committed to their clients.

5) They process the shipment very fast. They have clients like the air force, army, and navy so they understand the need for the products of their clients. So, they try to deliver the product as soon as possible. If they face any technical issues while performing the manufacturing they will positively inform clients.

6) Due to the Corona Virus and pandemic situation they take all secure delivery processes while delivering the products. They follow zero-touch delivery at this time. They are very concerned about clients and their workforce also.

7) Besides the traditional offline method they also offer an online shop facility to their clients. You can easily order from their online shop. They are also offering a secure payment policy for the clients. They keep clients’ information securely and don’t disclose that.

8) As the security and safety concern you can contact them via a virtual medium or via email or phone calls. They are happy to answer of your any quarries.

Their offer

They offer various types of unique challenge coins to the clients. They make many types of coins for the department like- Navy, Air Force, Army, Police, Firefighter, and honor coins. They charge different prices for these coins. There products and prices are described at below.

  1. a) Navy Coins- 2.19 USD
  2. b) US Army Coins- 2.19 USD ea
  3. c) Police Coins- 2.19 USD ea
  4. d) Air Force Coins- 2.19 USD ea
  5. e) Honor Coins- 2.19 USD ea

The prices are dependent on the quantity and size of the coins. If you order in bulk they can give you a cheaper price.

The Clients

Due to their service, price, the commitment they have gained many clients in their pocket. They are supplying these unique custom coins to many corporate organizations and force organizations. They have clients like the US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, and US Police Department. Besides this, they have many corporate clients. They provide order to them and ask for unique coins.


In US military history the challenge coins have a great history. They use this challenge coin from World War 1. In World War 2 and the Vietnam War, it became more popular. In the present-day many corporate organizations and associations also use these kinds of challenge coins. So, it has become more popular and now it has many varieties and designs.