The promotion activity with the branded products makes the life of the sales department easier, in fact the sale is “served”, and the promotion is for us constantly bringing to our attention a strong and positive image, well, about the Best Western Hotel, the promotion maintains or confirms the sale.

Promotion is one of the most widely used words in the context of the market economy, considered by many to be the secret to business success. In a narrow sense, promotion means the effort made by an organization to present its offer in a favorable light so as to sell as much and as quickly as possible.

The importance of promotional products for business promotion can be assessed by these statistics:

  • 66% of the interviewed participants stated that they could remember the name of a brand on a personalized object received in the last 12 months
  • 79% of the subjects included in the study stated that they prefer to do business with companies that offer promotional gifts
  • 87% of study participants keep a promotional item for more than a year

Promotional products have a lower cost per display and are a much more profitable investment. Businesses need promotional products to retain current customers and reach potential customers. Even established global players are turning to this marketing strategy.

If your company is not yet investing in promotional marketing or you are not sure that offering promotional products really has a positive impact on your brand, you should consider the above benefits and add promotional items to your marketing strategy.

The scope of the promotion

However, this approach is simplistic and does not highlight the true power of promotion, that of creating a certain image of a product or service or event or idea or organization, to change opinions and attitudes among the most diverse categories of the public, to determine the audience to act in a certain direction.

Due to this power, promotion techniques are applied not only in the economic field, where they were born and consecrated, but also in non-profit fields, such as social, cultural or even political. From a semantic point of view, promotion is the action of sustaining, of supporting, making progress, of developing. This meaning shows the positive character, at least from a linguistic point of view, of the term. It turns out that promotion is a useful and necessary action in the last resort.

The transfer of the concept in economic terms also generated a negative connotation, some considering that the need to carry out promotional actions is due only to the weakness of the promoted element and is meant to hide certain defects, sometimes to the detriment of customers. We believe that in reality the promotion made by companies is a complex process, positive both for the organization and for the company if it is carried out in good faith and respects the principles and rules of this activity.