Photography is a difficult task. Especially the time you are doing photography at a wedding, reception, or an engagement. People are so keen on photography. We do not claim that we are the best but yes with many years of experience we can say we are one of the pioneer photography studios in Marrickville. We offer the best photography services in Marrickville and one of the essential videography studios in Marrickville. We are Good Loco.

Who is a Photographer artist?

Many people often ask this question that what the definition of a good photographer is. As per our experience, we say there is no such thing or concept about a good or bad photographer. Because at Good Loco we believe, photography is not a general work. It is an art. You create the feature, you capture the moment that makes you a photographer. So we believe there is no perfect definition of the photographer. But as experts say, a photographer works on human life. They capture the moment of the good times of people. Generally, as a photographer, they use their knowledge for the makeover, improve the face, bring perfection, and try to highlight positive expression on the face. We do the same thing with our lenses. We provide a vital job for them. This work needs perfection and clarity. But there should be some basic requirements to be followed. Especially the client’s requirements are matter to us. After listening to the clients we can give their suggestions to the clients. Our main objective is to beautify the individual and give the best look to the clients.

Feature of a Good Loco:

A photographer should have many characterizes. As a pioneer company we perfect look or image to our clients. Our salient feature are-

  1. We are good communicators. This industry is the client’s oriented industry. As a photographer, we are communicating with many clients in a day. So, we understand what clients want from him perfectly.
  2. We are always keeping patience. Because we understand this is a pressure job. A client can demand many things from us. Sometimes clients demand in a way that cannot be fit in the box. But as a photography studio in Marrickville, we keep patient and listen to the clients. We offer all kinds of guidance to the clients and suggest to them the best in the market.
  3. A photographer needs to learn every day. Working as a photographer is big deal in the industry. He needs to learn many things. Plus learning is a great quality for them. We are lucky enough that our resources are all knowledgeable and expert people in the industry. Our photographer and videographer are always keen to learn the new technique.
  4. We always think out of the box. Photography and videography is a matter of creativity. As a photographer, we come with a new idea every day. People like the new idea and we provide these ideas to the clients. Our editing team is so strong that we have become the best Videography studio in Marrickville.
  5. We are flexible. The job is very difficult. Sometimes as a photography studio we have to meet very skeptical clients. To tackle this kind of client is very difficult. But we tackle it as our professional skills.
  6. Accountability is one of the main virtues of this job. We are always accountable to our clients.

Requirements of a Photography studio in Marrickville:

A photographer should have the following qualities:

  1. Understand the elements of the programs. There are various kinds of facilities available. Like bridal photoshoot, studio photo shoot, party photo shoot, etc. So, he needs to understand every sect of photography.
  2. Needs to have properly knowledgeable about the images and videography. This work is a matter of sense of work.
  3. Understand the style statement of the clients. Now a day many kinds of style statements are evolving. So, our photographer just follows the statement and according that they do their job.

The service we offer:

There are many types of photography. The following are the various kinds of photography in the industry. According to the client’s requirements, we offer our service.

  1. Fashion photography.
  2. TV or Film photography like we offer portfolio service to our clients. This is a tough job in the photography section.
  3. Bridal photography. We offer the best pre-marriage, post-marriage, engagement, wedding, groom photo, and videography. We also offer our services at private and reception parties.
  4. We offer many different sections of photography and videography. Our work and service is our main priority. Due to this reason, we have become the best photography service in Marrickville.


We have a great editing team that offers creative videography also. We know due to the pandemic situation many people are facing economic problems. But don’t worry we charge affordable and economic packages to our clients. That makes us a famous photography studio in Marrickville.