Jewelry industry is extremely competitive with a consistently fluctuating trend, so how can you gain an edge with your online competitors. ‘Focus on prospects wants’ is a simple solution but very challenging. Google’s shift from keyword stuffing to quality content shows’ how vividly shopping habit of consumers has changed in the last few years.

No one can circumvent the content tactic, which is vital part to thrive in modern market. So, how will you craft your jewelry business content strategy?

What is your target audience?

Marketing experts, project managers, salespeople have exclusive vantage point because they deal with customers directly. They are aware about target audience’s struggle, so that content can be created precisely to help them. Undoubtedly, retail industry is controlled by consumers, so take a 360° look at their needs and purchase habits to start a content strategy.

How to address customer’s pain point?

To understand customer’s pain point, do some research using following tips –

  • Find relevant blog content that has gone viral and gain inspiration from their style.
  • Find out how influencers and competitors are effective in their consumer approach.
  • Check real customers comment sections for complaints and compliments.

Identify your brands unique selling points

  • In what ways are your products different from competitors?
  • Is your material eco-friendly?
  • Do you offer exclusive consumer service?
  • Are your jewelry items customizable and unique?

Today, consumers expect more, during sales lead up and product personalization….it is called customer experience. Match your unique selling points with consumer’s pain points and write the content.

What is content strategy trend, today?

Keyword research is crucial for SEO but content blogs must not depend on that to attract audiences. Market is oversaturated, so keyword ranking will obviously choose sites with high DA [Domain Authority]. Small pearl jewelry like pearl bracelet will also be unable to compete with long tail keywords.

Plan quality content with added keyword and helpful information customers come in search for because even search engines look for relevant topics. In this way you get visibility and good organic traffic.

Monitor your content success

Measure the results of your content. If you find high bounce rate than discover why it is so. Is there an issue with load time or something else? Monitoring your content’s efficacy helps to resolve those weaknesses. You can always rewrite as well as reshape the content. Therefore, never be afraid to experiment with new innovative topics.

Some greatest discoveries have leapt from slipups!