If you are longing to know the importance of riding balance bikes for your kids, then here goes the perfect answer for your search. The balance bikes are designed to teach kids how to keep balance and control a bike ahead of pedalling. The balance bike Australia is mainly designed to suit kids aged between 2 to 5, which is a common option in replacement of 12-inch or 14-inch traditional kids bike. These are further considered as the suitable first bike option for toddlers or pre-schooler. However, with thousands of options on the market, finding the perfect balance bike for your kid can be challenging.

Therefore, the following tips intended to guide you understand what are your search of the best balance bike Australia for kids to find the one that perfectly suits your child. The felicity that biking can offer to your kid is something you must be supported, as these best tips will help to get your little one start off on the right foot for beginning a lifelong love for two wheels.

Details About Balance Bikes

A balance bike is a small two-wheeler with no cranks, bottom bracket, or pedals. It helps the kids to learn walking or running while seated on such a toddler bike. The balance bikes are designed mainly for 18-months to 3-years old kids.

Advantages of Balance Bikes

As these bikes are simple and small in size, kids can easily focus on the hardest and most significant skills to learn in order to maintain balance while riding. It also helps them to learn to steer, as the balance bikes are equipped with a hand brake. Its design will encourage kids to use their legs and arms while moving forward, which will help them to develop their strength along with a sense of coordination and agility. Its compact design further makes kids easy to transport, as small enough to hold on a car’s backseat as well as light weight to pick-up and carry home if your kid gets tired of riding. However, it will be challenging to teach them how to ride a balance bike, but once acquired the knowledge, they can soon progress to regular bikes without the need for training wheels. Once your kids have mastered their balance bike, they will be eager to ride with their elder ones.

Features of Balance Bikes for Kids

  • Cockpit:The space between where your kids will seat and they can place their hands shouldn’t be a big problem with a balance bike. The cockpit should be in an upright position, so that it easily centre them, and should get enough weight on the front wheel to reduce speed when required.
  • Fit:It is very simple, as it requires two main things – low standover height and your kid can touch the ground on their feet while sitting on the saddle. Kids usually start to fit most variants of balance bikes in an 18-month age, depending on their eagerness and the bike’s features.
  • Seat Height:The seat height of a balance bike should be such that with sitting on the seat, your kids should be able to touch down with their flat foot for extra balance and power in their pushing stride. Hence, the seat shouldn’t be much more than their inseam height.
  • Brakes:The essential skills that kids will learn from balance bike Australia is steering and balancing. So, it is recommended to find a variant without a rear hand brake for your kids.
  • Standover Height:A perfect standover height will allow your kid to get on it easily and start riding. In case they fall from it, it will spare them from the pains of hitting the top tube of their new bike.

There are a few more important things to consider while purchasing balance bikes for a toddler are tire, wheel size, frame material, and risk factors. Hence, considering all the above-mentioned points, you must quickly get a balance bike for your little ones.